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Chapter 354 - Then Go Back

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 354: Then Go Back

    Once again, Su Cha heard him talk about that.

    It was just an unexplained message before. Now that he'd said it again, Su Cha felt that something might have happened. She said, "You've been talking to me. No one else can call."

    Although she could pick up the caller ID on the phone if someone did, no one called Su Cha.

    "Just make sure you don't."

    Su Cha felt that Bo Muyi's intention was obvious, so obvious that she had to ask, "Is there something going on? Why would someone call me?"

    Bo Muyi was silent for a while. Then, Su Cha heard the sounds of people packing their things and Bai Kun's respectful tone.

    Probably after getting up and starting to walk, Bo Muyi said, "It's nothing special."

    Su Cha: "…"

    Su Cha could not ask about the past, but it was obvious that Bo Muyi wanted her to ask.

    She did not know whether to laugh or cry. "Muyi, just tell me what happened."

    Bo Muyi said casually, "Cha Cha, do you still remember your biological parents? They might already know about your existence."

    Su Cha: "…"

    She did not expect this to happen.

    She asked, "And?"

    Her biological parents knew about her existence.

    But she did not seem to care.

    "Cha Cha, have you forgotten that you are participating in a show? If you appear on TV, many people will notice you."

    Bo Muyi vaguely hinted at Su Cha, "Do you think I look like my parents?"

    Why else would he say she'd been noticed while appearing on TV?

    She raised her eyebrows. "So you're saying that they might call me?"

    "Cha Cha, if they call you, you can choose not to pick it up. They might make you go back to them, and then you will have to be separated from me. You will not do that, right?"

    So it was because of this.

    Bo Muyi felt that her biological parents might take Su Cha back when they came for her, so Su Cha would have to leave the Lookout Pavilion.

    Hence, Bo Muyi did not want her to pick up calls from strange numbers.

    If this was in the past, Bo Muyi would have definitely been reluctant to say such words. Now, however, Su Cha felt that Bo Muyi did not seem to care about this matter as he appeared indifferent and calm.

    So she smiled and said directly, "Why do I feel that this is not the real reason?"

    She heard the car honking and the sound of the car door closing. Then, Bo Muyi's clear laughter could be heard. "I can't hide anything from you, Cha Cha. But I won't tell you right now. There will be something fun in the future. Would you want to go back to them?" he asked seriously.

    Su Cha thought for a while and frowned. "No."

    She hesitated for a moment and thought about something. Even though she was not so decisive, she still spoke decisively.

    Bo Muyi's smile blossomed instantly, like that of a seductive demon. His smile was so enchanting that even the driver took a second look at him. He complained in his heart that the young master was indeed a monster. When he smiled, his smile was deadly. And Miss Su, who could make the young master smile like this, was also a monster…

    "I'm relieved to hear that."

    He was very happy and whispered gently, "But it doesn't matter. If they asked you to go back, you can go back."

    Su Cha was stunned.