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Chapter 423 - Whenever It’s Late Into the Night, I’ll Wash My Face With Tears

Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully!
     Chapter 423: Whenever It’s Late Into the Night, I’ll Wash My Face With Tears

    Tang Jinyu looked at the girl deep in thought.

    She had not spoken to him for three days.

    Not bad!

    Tang Jinyu’s lips twitched. His smile seemed rather sinister.

    Feng Yi sitting beside him couldn’t help but shiver.

    What was the meaning of the sudden cold air?

    Feng Yi tilted his head and looked at Tang Jinyu guiltily.

    Did Boss know that he wanted to poach her?


    He was only thinking about it. In the end, didn’t he eliminate all his thoughts?

    Could it be that Crocodile secretly complained?

    Feng Yi looked at Crocodile.

    Crocodile looked up and met Feng Yi’s furious gaze. He raised his eyebrow.

    What was wrong with him?

    Crocodile couldn’t help but complain when Feng Yi stared at him. “What kind of look is that? Can you not stare at me?”

    Everyone turned to look at Feng Yi and Crocodile at the same time. Lightning couldn’t help but whisper to Crocodile, “Both of you, pay attention to the occasion. Don’t show off your love everywhere.”

    Crocodile: “…”

    He was about to be killed by the gaze of the person opposite him.

    Tang Jinyu glanced at them coldly, and they immediately shut up.

    The atmosphere in the cabin was getting colder and colder.

    The source of this aura came from Tang Jinyu.

    Leng Yu glanced at everyone, then her gaze fell on Jian Qi, who had her head lowered.

    She reached out and touched Jian Qi gently. However, Jian Qi did not respond. She was clearly deep in thought.

    When Leng Yu touched her again, Jian Qi came back to her senses and looked at Leng Yu.

    “Big Sister Leng Yu, what’s wrong?”

    “Boss called you just now,” Leng Yu said.

    Jian Qi turned around and looked at Tang Jinyu. “Instructor Tang, why did you call your little fairy?”

    Everyone was speechless.

    Did she do it on purpose?

    Jian Qi was upset.

    Her face hurt…

    They had promised each other that they would be together for a week.

    Did he know how upset she was?

    Life was rather boring when she couldn’t tease Little Tang Tang.

    Tang Jinyu stared at her and frowned.

    She was daydreaming!

    Tang Jinyu couldn’t help but associate the matter with Jian Qi’s reaction.

    The only time she was so distracted was when she worked with the anti-terrorism team.

    This time, she was in a daze again.

    “What were you thinking about just now?” Tang Jinyu stared at her.

    Tang Jinyu’s words made Jian Qi feel threatened.

    “I’m thinking about it.”

    Jian Qi looked at him and sighed sadly. “I’ve been thinking about it for three days. Aren’t I being too much? I’ve been pestering Instructor Tang every day, but I realize that I can’t control myself. In these three days, I’ve been crying every night. I’ve always wanted to say no to Instructor Tang, but I’m afraid that he’ll look down on me. I… I just can’t control myself. Instructor Tang, your little fairy’s heart hurts…”

    Jian Qi clutched her chest and looked at Tang Jinyu pitifully.

    Everyone was speechless.

    She caught everyone off guard, and it was another bowl of dog food.

    It had only been three days, and they were already stuffed to death!