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Chapter 614 - Vigor Grass Maturing!

Medical Master
     “I may have a way to help these 1,000 special soldiers break through to the Martial Superior Realm.”

    Fang Qiu’s voice came from the phone receiver.


    Hearing this remark, Li Ji was stunned. A look of astonishment immediately climbed onto his face. He was completely stupefied by the news, not knowing what to do or say at all!

    Martial Superior?

    Fang Qiu could make the 1,000 soldiers who had just become martial arts practitioners break through to the Martial Superior Realm?

    What kind of power was that?

    A Martial Superior alone could equal a missile force!

    No, the power that a Martial Superior had was even stronger than a missile!

    Li Ji was dumbfounded!

    For a long time, he had thought that to train the special forces to be martial arts practitioners was already something. But what did he just hear?

    He heard that Fang Qiu was going to help these 1,000 soldiers of the special force to become Martial Superiors!

    It was 1,000 people he was talking about! A total of 1,000 people!

    “What, what did you say?”

    Still in the shock, Li Ji said in an involuntarily trembling voice, “Come again?”

    “I have a way to help those 1,000 special soldiers proceed to the Martial Superior Realm!” Fang Qiu confirmed.

    Li Ji did not say a word to that.

    On the other end of the line, he laughed and jumped up and down in the office. He was extremely excited and elated like a child who just got a candy!

    He said Martial Superior Realm, not just the martial arts practitioner.

    Martial Superior!

    If a man directly crossed a big realm and broke through from the martial arts practitioner level to the Martial Superior Realm, how much could his combat strength be boosted?

    Perhaps 10 times?

    No, 20 times!

    “What’s your way?”

    Despite his ecstasy, Li Ji did not dare to hesitate at all. He asked eagerly, “What do we need to do? We accept any terms!”

    “We’ll talk about the terms later.”

    Fang Qiu responded and immediately continued, “You only have two hours. No matter what method you use, you must get the1000 special soldiers to wait for me at the entrance of Lop Nor’s nuclear explosion pit in the next two hours. This is the only chance. Once two hours have passed, there is nothing we can do!”

    Speaking of this, Fang Qiu paused, then added, “One more thing, bring with you as many speedy-diving ropes that are more than 3,000 meters long as possible!”

    “3,000-meter-long speedy-diving ropes?”

    Li Ji tutted in surprise.

    Although he had been in the military for so many years, he hadn’t used a speedy-diving rope more than 500 meters long. But Fang Qiu asked for the ones that were 3,000 meters long. Were they going to the earth’s core?

    “That’s right.”

    Fang Qiu nodded at once and said, “There is a 3,000-meter-deep abyss. Apart from the speedy-diving ropes, you should bring everything you need with you, as you are more familiar with the speedy dive. Also, you’d better bring fluorescent light and light sticks…”

    “No problem.”

    Before Fang Qiu could say anything, Li Ji nodded immediately and said, “Don’t worry. I’ll get them all the equipment they need, even if they are going 10,000 meters down the earth, let alone just 3,000 meters!”

    “Remember, you only have two hours,” Fang Qiu reminded him again.

    “Okay,” Li Ji answered.

    The phone was hung up. Not daring to waste a second hesitating, Li Ji went to inform the force right away!

    Beside the desert scenic area—

    After finishing the call, Fang Qiu immediately doubled back. It took him half an hour to get to the bottom of the pit. Then, he carefully circulated his internal Qi and dived into the 3,000-meter-deep chasm.

    He quickly passed through the underground maze and returned to the underground cave where the Vigor Grass was located.

    When he arrived at the cave, there were still five minutes left!

    He looked up at the oasis.

    The Vigor Grass that was almost completely ripe. At the moment, it was glowing a faint purple and green light. By far, the required amount of natural energy had almost all gathered there.

    The energy lingered around the Vigor Grass.

    Once the Vigor Grass absorbed all the energy, it would be ripe for picking!

    Yet, aside from the shining Vigor Grass, Fang Qiu also saw that on the oasis where he had eaten up all the plants lay a lot of animals, including scorpions, lizards, and snakes.

    Even the fish in the underground river was jumping wildly out of the water as if they were jumping across the Dragon Gate to become dragons.

    Needless to ask, these animals were all coveting the Vigor Grass.

    They were so intent on keeping an eye on the grass that they even didn’t notice Fang Qiu.

    “Fortunately, I came back in time.”

    Looking at the packed small animals, Fang Qiu breathed a sigh of relief.

    At this moment, the two strands of internal Qi he placed around the live grass had almost been exhausted. They would completely dissipate before the Vigor Grass fully matured.


    Fang Qiu darted straight to the Vigor Grass.

    The moment he neared it, he unleashed his Qi power with a boom!

    For these small animals, his Qi power was as overwhelming as the sky caving in.

    When sensing Fang Qiu’s Qi power, these small animals coveting the Vigor Grass were immediately scared away. They ran out of sight in the blink of an eye.

    After scaring all the animals away, Fang Qiu sat down cross-legged on the ground, waiting for the Vigor Grass to mature.

    Time ticked by. And the radiance of the Vigor Grass became more and more dazzling.

    Sitting cross-legged next to the Vigor Grass, Fang Qiu could clearly feel a strong aura of life, as well as a stream of highly pure and sensitive Heaven and Earth energy!

    The two types of Qi surrounded Fang Qiu, making him feel extremely relaxed.

    But just as Fang Qiu was enjoying the moment with all his heart and soul—

    “Buzz, buzz…”

    A low, wind-like sound was suddenly heard inside the cave.

    Fang Qiu looked around but didn’t notice anything abnormal. Then he released his Divine Consciousness and instantly understood why there was such a strange sound in the cave.

    It turned out that it was the final minute for the Vigor Grass to mature!

    The maturing of Heaven Treasure would inevitably attract a lot of Heaven and Earth energy. Before, Fang Qiu thought that the Heaven and Earth energy accumulated in the cave for more than 50 years was more than enough for the Vigor Grass to absorb. However, it actually sucked out all the Heaven and Earth energy inside the cave, and then quickly attracted the Heaven and Earth energy in the underground maze, the 3,000-meter-deep chasm, and even up on the desert into this cave.

    With 30 seconds, the density of the Heaven and Earth energy in the cave had been taken up a notch.

    At the same time, the double-colored light emanated from the Vigor Grass gradually dimmed. The bright sparkles lingering around it were still there, but the grass itself was no longer as glamorous as before. Instead, it became simple and plain.

    “That’s it!”

    The light completely dimmed, and there were only faint sparkles revolving around it. The two leaves of the grass had completely turned into glittering green and purple. Then, Fang Qiu felt that the energy in the cave suddenly became chaotic.

    This was because the Vigor Grass had been holding onto to the energy too firmly before. Now that the attraction force suddenly disappeared, it was as if one of the tug-of-war players abruptly loosened his grip.


    Fang Qiu’s countenance changed.

    Although this was all owner-less Heaven and Earth energy, which was not aggressive under normal circumstances. But after being pulled so hard by the Vigor Grass, things would be different.

    “Great Hand of Destruction!”

    With a stir of his mind, Fang Qiu immediately performed the Great Hand of Destruction.

    In this way, he could draw all the chaotic Heaven and Earth energy in the cave toward him, so that the energy could be calmed down.

    Fortunately, Fang Qiu’s timing was good.

    Before the sudden rogue energy caused any bad consequences, Fang Qiu already calmed it down.

    But right at this moment—

    “Patter, patter, patter…”

    Suddenly, a familiar sound of footsteps was heard.

    Fang Qiu frowned and looked around.

    He saw that at the entrance of the underground maze, three giant lizards had popped their heads into the car and were rushing towards the Vigor Grass.

    “There’s more?”

    Fang Qiu was taken aback.

    Seeing the three giant lizards charge to him, Fang Qiu took the opportunity to smack them with his right hand.

    Originally, in order to appease the energy in the cave, Fang Qiu had used the Great Hand of Destruction. But right at that moment, the three giant lizards came in to be the sacrifice.


    With one slap, the three giant lizards were instantly turned into meat pies!

    While the Great Hand of Destruction was formed, Fang Qiu gently waved his hand, and the corpses of the three giant lizards were immediately swept into the underground river next to him.

    Just as the corpses rolled into the river—

    “Crunch, crunch…”

    A large group of fish immediately rushed over, surrounded the three giant lizards, bared their fangs, and began to feverishly bite their flesh off.

    In a trice, the three giant lizards were gone.

    They had been eaten by the fish, leaving not even a bit of bone behind.


    Fang Qiu was shocked.

    He hadn’t noticed that the fish in the dark river was carnivorous.

    Come to think of it, he realized that because of the influence of the energy of this Vigor Grass and the fact that they had been preyed on by the giant lizards for years, the fish had evolved to be carnivorous.

    Now, both the giant lizards and the Vigor Grass were gone. This deteriorated ecosystem would soon return to normal, and the carnivorous fish would gradually go back to what they used to be.

    Therefore, Fang Qiu didn’t try to kill all the fish in the dark river.

    However, the scaled lizard’s body was still in the river, but there were no fish to eat it, which was a surprise to Fang Qiu.

    It seemed that the fish couldn’t break the scale armor, so they didn’t even think about feed on it at all.

    Soon, schools of fish swam by.

    Fang Qiu turned around and plucked out the ripe Vigor Grass, including its root. He gingerly put it away, then sat cross-legged, carefully suppressing his internal Qi and waiting for the soldiers to come.

    An hour later.

    When his Divine Consciousness began to fluctuate, Fang Qiu found that the 1,000 special soldiers were coming.

    Moreover, he was very familiar with the aura of their leader.

    Li Ji!

    Sensing the aura of these soldiers, Fang Qiu smiled. He immediately opened his eyes, got up, and quickly went out to greet them.

    At this moment, 1,000 special soldiers had lined up neatly at the bottom of the nuclear explosion crater. Li Ji, who led the team personally, came to the entrance of the side hole leading to the underground and cautiously looked into it.

    Although his strength was impressive, he was not a Martial Superior yet. So, when he heard that Fang Qiu had a way to make all the soldiers break through to the Martial Superior Realm, Li Ji was more pleasantly surprised than anyone else. He had been longing for a long time to become a Martial Superior, but he had not succeeded in making the breakthrough yet.

    Now, with such a good opportunity before him, how could he not come?

    He gave it a rough check.

    Li Ji found that the hole stretched far down the earth. Just like what Fang Qiu said, it was a very deep abyss. He supposed that Fang Qiu was not joking about the 3,000 meters depth.

    At that moment, Li Ji didn’t dare to order the soldiers to go down the hole.

    He had never seen anyone do a speedy-dive at such height. If they slowly climbed down, it would definitely take more than two hours. Besides, he didn’t know what was there inside. No one wanted to be eaten by the giant lizard.

    Helplessly, Li Ji could only let everyone stay where they were and wait for Fang Qiu.