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Chapter 355 - : Your Biological Parents Might Know About You

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 355: Your Biological Parents Might Know About You

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    Su Cha felt that something was amiss.

    When did this person become so easy to talk to?

    When she had to move to the dormitory, he would not agree until he had left the country.

    Now, if her biological parents came for her and asked to take her back, he actually said that she was free to do so?

    There was nothing more hilarious than this.

    Su Cha raised her eyebrows. "If you say so, I will act accordingly."

    Of course, that was impossible. She did not even know her parents.

    "But who do you think my parents are?"

    She had always known that Bo Muyi might know about it.

    Only she was clueless about this matter. Bo Muyi seemed to know the answer very well.

    "It doesn't matter who they are."

    Bo Muyi chuckled. "What matters is what you think."

    Su Cha narrowed her eyes. She had a feeling that Bo Muyi was up to something else.

    She looked at the time and saw that it was late.

    There also seemed to be something on Bo Muyi's side. After Su Cha ended the call, Jin Mou turned around with an unconcealable surprise in her eyes.

    She typed: [Your parents?]

    She did not intend to listen on purpose, but she was by Su Cha's side and Jin Mou could not help hearing her clearly. Su Cha was talking about her parents.

    She did not know Su Cha very well. Judging from her tone, Su Cha did not seem to know who her parents were. Didn't she have a father?

    Seeing Jin Mou's question, Su Cha nodded and said directly, "My father is actually my foster father. I was raised by him. I don't know who my biological parents are, but I've been told that they might have found me and are planning to look for me."

    Jin Mou's eyes lit up. [That's a good thing. Is there anything better than being able to reunite with biological parents?]

    Su Cha smiled and said nothing.

    To others, this might be a good thing, but Su Cha vaguely felt that something was wrong.

    When she first came to the Imperial Capital, she had not figured out what her intention was. Moreover, that was the first time she'd left her hometown in 18 years. Yet as soon as she arrived in the Imperial Capital, her biological parents popped up.

    It was Bo Muyi who'd informed her.

    Why did she feel that the two incidents were connected?

    Jin Mou was not stupid. Seeing Su Cha's expression, she realized that her thoughts might be different from Su Cha's.

    She did not expect that Su Cha, who was so pretty, would be an orphan. She wanted to ask more, but she felt that that would be too intrusive. Jin Mou bit her fingertips and felt that it was better not to ask.

    After a while, Jin Duan came over and knocked on the door, asking them to go to bed early.

    He even said righteously that girls must get their beauty sleep.

    Su Cha and Jin Mou looked at each other and burst out laughing.

    Although she had experienced a lot, Su Cha was still an 18-year-old girl. The two girls chatted for a while, but they did not talk much. Soon, they fell asleep.

    After breakfast, Su Cha was about to leave.

    The only good thing was that Jin Duan's master was really good at cooking. At least, Su Cha had been fed by the best chef.

    Before Su Cha left, she saw the old man standing on the stairs of the villa. He was looking at her from afar, as if conveying a deep intention.