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Chapter 356 - How Did You Turn Out Like This?

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 356: How Did You Turn Out Like This?

    After Su Cha returned to the Lookout Pavilion, she received an unexpected call.

    "Su Cha, why did you participate in the singing competition? You're an 18-year-old. Why are you trying to get into showbiz like others when you should be studying?"

    It had been a long time since she'd heard from Su Mingzhe.

    Su Cha did not expect him to call her. After she took the college entrance examination, she did not go to the place Su Mingzhe had prepared. Perhaps Su Mingzhe got angry, so he did not call Su Cha.

    As a father, if a daughter had gone to the Imperial Capital, shouldn't he at least pay attention to her living expenses?

    However, Su Cha had long been disappointed with Su Mingzhe. She did not care about this person's methods, but she knew that Su Mingzhe had taken the money. It was all thanks to her that he had been able to lead a good life for so many years. She could not help but feel disgusted.

    Even if she did not hate Su Mingzhe, she was far from happy with him.

    Today, she received a call from him. After hearing him speak about her participation in the competition, Su Cha said firmly, "You're so funny. The show has broadcasted a few episodes already, but you've only just found out that I'm participating in the competition?"

    Su Mingzhe almost jumped when he heard Su Cha's words. "Just how did I raise you? So you're going to become a singer? What a joke! You're just an 18-year-old girl. Isn't it embarrassing for you to sing?"

    Hearing this, Su Cha did not feel anything.

    The corner of her lips curled up as she thought that Su Mingzhe might have something wrong with his brain.

    It had been many years, and the times had changed. His thoughts were comparable to those of some old people in their seventies and eighties.

    Going on TV was a disgrace. Wouldn't she be just an actress?

    Su Mingzhe could not know what she had done in the past. She raised her eyebrows and asked, "What do you think I should do?"

    Su Mingzhe did not feel suspicious and went along with Su Cha's words. "Didn't you say that you got into the Imperial Capital University? Then you should study well in the university! Work hard and study hard. In the future, you will serve the country and become a person who will contribute to society. You are a top student of the Imperial Capital University and you will do something great in the future. But if you become a singer, what will your classmates think of you?"

    They were going to be envious.

    Su Cha sneered. Su Mingzhe's thoughts were indeed only about what's good for the country.

    If she didn't know better, she might have listened.

    "There are so many talented people in the country. How am I necessary? You are thinking too much. Dad, let me ask you, after so many years, have you finished spending the five hundred thousand?"

    Su Mingzhe went silent.

    Her mocking tone coupled with her addressing him as "Dad" made Su Mingzhe blush. "What 500,000… What did you say…"

    He was not good at rebutting others. After all, it was the truth.

    He sounded a little guilty.

    Su Cha understood that Dai Xiaofu was not lying.

    She clicked her tongue and did not hide what she felt. She said, "You have really impressed me."

    That disdain and contempt.

    Su Mingzhe's eyes turned red. "No matter what, I am still your father. When they entrusted you to me, I really doted on you like a daughter. How did you turn out like this?"

    Su Cha: "…"