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Chapter 1066 - Stepping into Danger

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 1066: Stepping into Danger

    Xu Tongxuan and the rest were shocked.

    Going up to take a look? Him?

    The firefighters had already cordoned off the entire building and no one was allowed to go near the yellow line at all, let alone go upstairs. She had even caught sight of a middle-aged woman dashing towards the firefighters and begging them to let her go in to rescue her daughter who had been at home alone. However, the firefighters managed to stop her.

    She wondered.

    Just as everyone was busy being astonished, Si Yiyan rushed towards the safety barriers and the firefighters could not stop him in time. Before they knew it, he had already crossed the safety line. They watched as he leaped up the stairs like a ferocious leopard, his slim and trim silhouette moving quickly through the stairs. It was as if he was completely unrestrained and he looked extremely dashing.

    Even Zhou Tianyu and the rest stared at him with their eyes and mouths wide open in shock. “How suave!”


    Han Mofeng cursed. “What the heck? Even Xu-er can’t hold a candle to him at all in terms of agility.”

    The crowd gasped in shock, astounded and in awe of Si Yiyan’s incredible agility. At the same time, they were also stunned by his reckless behavior. At this point, the fire had already spread from the sixth floor down to the second, and flames could be seen spreading out of the window on the third floor. All the floors from the second to the seventh were all covered in flames.

    Si Yiyan was behaving dangerously.

    The firefighters in charge of ensuring the safety of everyone else frantically yelled into their speakers, “The man upstairs, please come down immediately. It’s very dangerous in there, please do not get yourself in danger…”

    Si Yiyan ignored them and continued to do what he wanted.

    At this moment, Si Yiyan had already climbed to the third floor and the massive flames had broken the glass of the windows. The people below were screaming at the top of their lungs and some even held their breaths involuntarily. Some felt terrified for Si Yiyan and some even silently prayed for him. However, some vicious ones secretly gloated over his predicament.

    However, Si Yiyan accidentally slipped and fell down the stairs, though he quickly regained his balance and continued to rush up to the fourth floor. In no time, he arrived at the balcony on the fourth floor and dashed into the flames.

    His actions made everyone gasp in shock again. The flames on the fourth floor had already spread severely and everyone downstairs could see the flames spreading through the windows.

    At this moment, the firefighters yelled into the speaker and watched as he led himself onto the path towards death. They could not help but curse. “F***, he’s courting death.”

    Even Zhou Tianyu and the rest were shocked speechless.

    They did not expect that the perfect Si Yiyan would risk his own life to save Wen Xinya.

    Everyone had already deduced that Wen Xinya and Du Ruo were still trapped in the building. Hence, they were feeling worried and guilty about failing to realize earlier that Wen Xinya and Du Ruo had been separated from them.

    Given how agile Wen Xinya was, it would definitely be a piece of cake for her to escape alone.

    However, it was worrying because she had the weak and helpless Du Ruo by her side.

    Zhou Tianyu stared at the fire which was still spreading in the building. Feeling flustered, she spluttered. “The fire is huge and it doesn’t seem to be dissipating at all. I wonder how Xinya and Ruoruo are doing. If anything were to happen to them, I…”

    Zhou Tianyu began sobbing. During the chaos, she had been holding onto a woman’s hand. She blamed herself for being too careless to realize that the woman was not Wen Xinya.

    Xu Tongxuan could not help but panic. “It’s all our fault for having too much faith in Xinya and trusting that she’ll be able to escape any ordeal. That’s why this happened. We’ve subconsciously neglected Xinya.”

    They had known Wen Xinya for three years, during which Wen Xinya could always solve her problems effortlessly. As a result, her friends believed greatly in her abilities and felt that there was nothing she couldn’t handle in this world.

    After discovering that a fire had broken out, Wen Xinya had been following closely behind them and ushering them out. The boys led the way and, in order to avoid being caught in the stampede, Zhou Tianyu and Xu Tongxuan ran as fast as they could because they did not wish to become Wen Xinya’s burden, especially since they knew that they were much less fit than Wen Xinya.

    Who would have known…

    Gu Junling immediately tried to comfort them. “Don’t hold it against yourselves. There were so many people trying to escape and it was so chaotic just now. We couldn’t see anything because of the thick fumes. That’s why we didn’t realize that Xinya was missing. Her boyfriend has gone upstairs to rescue her now. He seems rather capable. He will definitely save Wen Xinya.”

    Despite having said that, Gu Junling was actually still rather worried. During the chaotic situation, he and Ling Qingxuan were preoccupied with leading the way and hence, ended up neglecting Wen Xinya. They actually blamed themselves for it.

    Ling Qingxuan chimed in. “Little Eunuch Gu, you’re right. Don’t be too worried. Xinya is not a helpless and weak girl. Besides, she’s not the kind to sit back and do nothing. So much has happened since she returned to the Wen Family, but she managed to overcome all of it, what more a fire.”

    Ling Qingxuan looked rather awful too. Now that his friend was in danger and yet to be found, he could no longer remain as composed as before. He was filled with worry and anxiety and even felt scared for Wen Xinya.

    However, there was no use blaming themselves at this point. Zhou Tianyu said in disappointment, “I hope Xinya’s boyfriend can rescue Xinya and Ruoruo.”

    The feeling of not being able to do anything to help their friend who was in danger made them feel extremely terrible.

    Xu Tongxuan said with reddened eyes, “Xinya is blessed. She’ll be alright.”

    She then burst into tears.

    Gu Junling suddenly discovered that Han Mofeng was nowhere in sight. He asked in horror, “Where’s Loony? Why isn’t he here?”

    Ling Qingxuan murmured, “I thought I saw him just now…”

    The few of them looked at each other in shock and dismay. Everyone knew that Han Mofeng was in love with Du Ruo. Since Wen Xinya’s boyfriend could risk his life to rescue Wen Xinya, he would obviously do the same for Du Ruo.

    They were all worried and their hearts were heavy.