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Chapter 424 - Silent Threat, King’s Eyes!

Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully!
     Chapter 424: Silent Threat, King’s Eyes!

    Tang Jinyu looked at her coldly.

    Jian Qi blinked. “Instructor Tang, my heart hurts…”

    Tang Jinyu pursed his lips slightly. It seemed like something had happened.

    Every time she acted like this, she would hide something.

    “Instructor Tang, my heart…”

    “This mission will be assigned according to the previous time…” Tang Jinyu interrupted her and started assigning tasks.

    Jian Qi was stunned. It was not because Tang Jinyu interrupted her, but because of what he said.

    According to their previous arrangement, she would be paired with him again!

    Jian Qi couldn’t help but feel depressed.

    If Tang Jinyu were to follow her, she would be in a difficult situation again.

    It seemed like she had to plan properly this time around.

    Jian Qi calmed herself down and listened to him seriously.

    If possible, this might be the last time she would be with these people, so she must complete her mission properly.

    Next to Tang Jinyu, a veteran was holding a laptop. He was trying to sort out the information sent by the US team. After he was done, the veteran handed the laptop over to Tang Jinyu.

    Tang Jinyu glanced at the latest information on the screen and continued, “A crew was shooting at the scene at the time of the terrorist attack. Therefore, six of the crew members were kidnapped. Two of them are famous actors in Country A while the other four are their assistants and managers.”

    Tang Jinyu then looked at Jian Qi.

    Jian Qi had a bad feeling.

    A famous actor in Country A?

    He was still looking at her!

    “Instructor Tang, don’t tell me that one of the two famous actors is Qiao Bo?” Jian Qi smirked. Her smile was calm, but her heart was heavy.

    Tang Jinyu looked at her and said coldly, “Yes, you can predict the future now!”

    Jian Qi was stunned. It really was Qiao Bo.

    What about Coco?

    Tang Jinyu couldn’t help but frown when he saw Jian Qi’s darkened expression.

    “Because those two actors are famous internationally, we’ve only confirmed that they’re Qiao Bo and another actress, Luo Xi. As for the others, we’ll have to wait until we get to America to confirm their identities!” Tang Jinyu said.

    Jian Qi’s eyes darkened. Since Qiao Bo was there to film, Coco would definitely accompany him. After all, he was the only one with Qiao Bo.

    Jian Qi’s heart sank. She hoped that nothing would happen to them!

    Without a doubt, Jian Qi’s mood was affected by the sudden news.

    She knew very well that the so-called terrorists would be dead by the time they reached America.

    If the terrorists wanted to survive, it would be safer if they made a deal using their abductees.

    She was worried that she wouldn’t be able to save Coco in time.

    Tang Jinyu had been paying attention to Jian Qi’s expression the whole time. Naturally, he took her reaction to heart.

    After that, he looked at Crocodile sitting beside him.

    Crocodile: “…”

    What a blatant threat!

    Then, he smiled at Jian Qi. “Big Sister Qi, let’s switch places. I need to talk to Leng Yu!”

    Crocodile stood up without waiting for her to respond. Then, he pulled her over and sat beside Tang Jinyu.

    Jian Qi was speechless.