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Chapter 357 - His Nature Will Not Change

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 357: His Nature Will Not Change

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    Where did this person get his confidence from?

    Su Cha was shocked.

    She widened her eyes. "Why do you sound like I've let you down? Did I not treat you as a father? Did I not treat you well? Do you know how much I wanted you to see me during the parent-teacher meetings when I was in Yonggu City, all alone? Do you know how much I wanted to return home during the summer vacation? I lived in that broken down room every day, and I always hoped that you would come and see me. But you? Whenever I called you, did you ever listen properly?

    "What do you know? You only have your son and your wife in your eyes! It would have been fine if you actually raised me, but you took five hundred thousand yet treated me like this. After everything, how dare you question me?! Don't you bear any responsibility for me becoming like this?"

    Her originally relaxed heart became a little agitated because of her anger.

    She should have been immune to it long ago, but she did not expect Su Mingzhe to be so shameless that he could blame her.

    The more she spoke, the more agitated she became, but her coldness also increased.

    It was as if a snake and a scorpion had started to crawl out from the bottom of her heart. The last trace of affection she held had become hatred.

    Su Mingzhe seemed to be frightened.

    He remained silent for a long time.

    After listening to Su Cha's words, he thought seriously for a moment.

    He wanted to treat Su Cha well, but he had forgotten when this mentality had changed.

    His current wife's occasional words had made his impression of Su Cha worse.

    He'd thought, how could he have such a daughter?

    She was stupid, wooden, did not like to speak, and even targeted his own wife.

    It was obvious who he would choose between a child who was entrusted to him and the person he loved.

    She was raised as his own, but her father was so outstanding. Shouldn't she be like her father?

    Why did she become so unlikable?

    Su Mingzhe had forgotten.

    A young child would grow up in any kind of environment.

    Without enough love, how could one expect a person to become strong with just their parents' genes?

    Even if her genes were excellent, without suitable conditions, she would forever be covered in dust.

    Before now, it had been impossible for her to become outstanding.

    He could not speak. He only remembered his responsibility.

    Back then, those people had said that this child must never go to the Imperial Capital and never look for her parents. Otherwise, everything Su Mingzhe received would be lost.

    Hence, he was afraid.

    He had raised Su Cha since she was young and could not afford to be independent.

    But he never thought that she would really resist him and go to the Imperial Capital without hesitation.

    Su Mingzhe could not stop her in time. He'd thought in fear that even if she went, she would not be able to find her biological parents if she was focused on studying well.

    And perhaps after so many years, that family might have gone overseas.

    But Su Mingzhe did not expect Su Cha to participate in a television show!

    This was a scary thing. It was his worst nightmare.

    What if she was really found and brought back? Would Su Mingzhe lose everything he had today?

    Thus, Su Mingzhe had panicked and called Su Cha.

    If a person had a certain purpose, his nature would not change.