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Chapter 524 - In the Name of an Angel

Let Me Game in Peace
     Chapter 524 In the Name of an AngelIn a mysterious land of the West District, in front of an ancient, glorious cathedral, John advanced step by step. Every step he took felt as if he was going against the flow. It drained all his strength.

    Within the cathedral, a holy light shone out, causing people to involuntarily lower their heads, not daring to look at the light.

    When John walked to the door of the cathedral and pushed open the door with all his strength, the holy light instantly illuminated the entire world. John saw a huge angel mural inside the cathedral.

    The portrait of the angel drew a holy six-winged seraphim. Strangely, there was a drop of blood at the corner of the six-winged seraphim's eye. Its eyes seemed to contain endless sorrow.

    John's gaze was only slightly shocked by the six-winged seraphim's portrait before he was attracted by something in it.

    Between the six-winged seraphim's hands was a strange white cocoon-like object. It was clearly a portrait, but the white cocoon in the picture seemed to exist.

    "The Thearch didn't lie to me… There's really such a thing… It really exists…" John looked excited as he stared at the white cocoon in the painting. His eyes gradually turned strange.

    Gritting his teeth, John walked to the portrait of the six-winged seraphim and cut his palm with a knife, letting his blood drip onto the white cocoon.

    It was clearly a mural, but when John's blood dripped onto the white cocoon, it strangely slid to the side. Not a single drop of blood touched the white cocoon.

    Do I really have to do that to hatch it? John's eyes gradually wore a crazed look as he watched his blood drop to the ground.

    No matter what price I have to pay… I must defeat that person… I must… Just as the madness in John's eyes reached its apex, he suddenly held the knife and slashed at his lower body.

    Blood splattered as something fell to the ground.

    The blood which flowed from John's palm was unable to touch the white cocoon in the beginning. It was as though there was a force that kept the blood away from it. But now, the white cocoon no longer rejected John's blood. Drops of blood landed on it and seeped in. Soon, it dyed the white cocoon red.

    As the white cocoon absorbed the blood, it emitted a holy light. John's body bathed in the holy light as his wounds healed rapidly.

    At the same time, his damaged Essence Energy sea was restored. Furthermore, his entire body had undergone a strange transformation.

    John felt a pure and holy power flowing through his body. It was stronger and purer than before he was injured.

    Under the support of that power, his Holy Emperor Body also underwent an unpredictable change.

    John felt his body hurt and itch all over as though he was undergoing puberty again. He felt the strength in his body constantly increasing. John almost couldn't feel the pain and only felt extremely excited.


    The strength within John's body burst out uncontrollably. His limbs flailed in the air in an exaggerated manner. His skin was milk-like and he emitted a holy radiance. And behind him, a pair of snow-white angel wings appeared.

    However, this pair of angel wings was only an illusion and not a real existence.

    John was already handsome to begin with, but now he looked even more handsome. He was like an angel from heaven, as though he was from another world.

    Compared to John from the past, this John was less masculine and more feminine.

    This wasn't strange, because angels had no gender.

    Crack! Crack!

    When John's body completed the transformation from a human to an angel, the white cocoon cracked and gradually revealed a figure in the cocoon.

    It was an angel who was even more handsome than John. He had six angel wings on his back, and his blonde hair emitted a sun-like radiance. His entire body seemed to be enveloped by holy light.

    When he walked out of the white cocoon, the entire world seemed to be subdued by his radiance and turned dim.

    John looked at the six-winged seraphim in front of him with a fervent gaze. He felt that the power in his body was getting stronger and stronger, as if it was affected by the six-winged seraphim.

    He looked down at John like a god. He extended a hand and pressed it on John's head. He said calmly, "In the name of an angel, I'll bestow you the power to be protected…"

    With that holy voice, a terrifying holy light erupted from the palm of the six-winged seraphim, enveloping John's body completely in holy light. Finally, even the six-winged seraphim's body was devoured by the holy light.

    After the holy light dissipated, only John was left in front of the portrait of the cathedral. However, he had an additional snow-white angel armor and six snow-white angel wings on his back. His entire body emitted terrifying holy light.

    Did it succeed? How interesting. I wonder if this is the first guardian to appear. Far away in Chess Mountain's cave, a seductive woman who was chained up suddenly had a strange look in her eyes as though she had sensed something.

    However, the strange expression disappeared very quickly. She looked at the cell phone floating in front of her. There were photos on the cell phone interface. The content was actually a picture of Wang Mingyuan breaking into the alternate dimension.

    I didn't expect that there would be such a powerful person among the humans today. He actually devoured the guardian of the dragons? It seems that the human world isn't as boring as I thought. The seductive woman retracted her gaze and suddenly revealed a strange smile. She opened the chat app and clicked on a friend profile picture to send a message.

    In the seductive woman's friend list, there were only two groups. One group had more friends, while the other group only had one person. Now, she had sent the message to the friend in that one group.

    Zhou Wen was studying the Flying Immortal pose when he suddenly heard his phone ring. He knew that it was a message from The Thearch. He opened it and couldn't help but frown slightly.

    "You have big trouble awaiting you." There were only six simple words on the message.

    "The Thearch, I haven't offended you recently, right?" Zhou Wen replied.

    "Since when did I say you offended me?" The Thearch replied.

    "Then why are you giving me trouble?"

    "Other than me, can't anyone else give you trouble?"

    "Apart from you, should there be anyone else? " Zhou Wen asked.

    "That might not be the case." The Thearch then sent another message. "I'll give you a chance. Be good and come to Chess Mountain to swear loyalty to me. I can help you tide through this calamity."

    "I appreciate your kindness," Zhou Wen said.

    "Alright, I'll wait for you to come to Chess Mountain to beg me." The Thearch seemed very confident.