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Chapter 358 - Blue Sky, Come Over

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 358: Blue Sky, Come Over

    Although Su Cha's words affected Su Mingzhe, he was too used to his own way of thinking after so many years. It was impossible for him to wake up. Su Mingzhe could only hold on to his last hope. "Su Cha, just know that your biological parents do not want you to return to their side!"


    There was no sound on the other end, nor did she hang up.

    Su Cha did not expect Su Mingzhe to say such nonsense.

    Su Mingzhe felt that his words had affected Su Cha. He continued, "I didn't tell you before because I was afraid that you would be sad. Do you know why I didn't let you go to the Imperial Capital? It was because they said that they didn't want you to return to the Imperial Capital. They didn't want to acknowledge you at all."

    If it were anyone else, this would have been a fatal blow.

    Her biological parents abandoned her and did not want to see her. It was hard for a child to bear it.

    But to Su Cha, who had expected it, Su Mingzhe's words did not hurt her.

    She did not even care who her biological parents were. Why would she care about this?

    "I know you find it hard to accept."

    Su Mingzhe started talking again. He looked even sadder than Su Cha. "But when they entrusted you to me, they told me very clearly that they did not want to see you again in this lifetime. At that time, I saw that you were young and pitiful, so I adopted you. Can't you listen to them? If they don't want you to go back, why bother looking for them?"

    "When did I say that I came to the Imperial Capital to find my biological parents?"

    Su Cha's words stunned Su Mingzhe. He was exasperated. "Then why did you insist on coming to the Imperial Capital for school? Can't you just study at a good university in the Water Capital?"

    "That won't do. Which university is better than the Imperial Capital University?"

    After she said this leisurely, Su Cha started to speculate, "I'm curious. You don't want me to find them. Even if they don't want me to go back, it doesn't make sense for you to be worried, right? Since that's the case, I'm guessing that when they left, they must have made a deal with you. Could it be that if I went looking for them, you'd have to return their money?"

    Su Mingzhe was stunned.

    He almost cursed, how did this demon guess it?

    It was too accurate.

    Hearing Su Mingzhe's sudden gasp, Su Cha knew that she had guessed correctly. She clapped her hands and said, "Oh my, I actually guessed correctly! I'm too smart!"

    Su Mingzhe almost spat out a mouthful of blood when he heard her words. "I don't know what you're talking about. I didn't take any money when I adopted you back then. I'm really disappointed by your speculations! You should reflect on yourself!"

    Su Cha did not bother to say anything about her participation in the program, but Su Mingzhe hung up hurriedly anyway.

    There was no need for Su Cha to prove anything.

    She rolled her eyes. Why was Su Mingzhe so naive at this juncture?

    The girl hummed a song and stroked the leaves of a pot of plants placed on the window sill of the bedroom. She was in a good mood when she saw a lion walking leisurely outside the window. She was amused and waved at the lion. "Blue Sky, come here quickly."

    The lion narrowed its golden eyes when it heard someone calling out to it. It lazily flicked its tail and walked toward the reckless human.