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Chapter 1068 - Keeping the Fire Under Control

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 1068: Keeping the Fire Under Control

    Ever since history, Capital city had been the best city in China and there had never been a fire in the city center before. Hence, the fire this time caused an uproar amongst the citizens. Hence, all of the attention was shifted onto the fire scene, especially since the media had shed light on it.

    Capital city was a large metropolis where security and safety were guaranteed. Hence, the firefighters rushed to the scene as soon as they received a report. The traffic police officers also showed up to restore order while the ambulances transported the injured to the hospital. The entire process was quick and rapid.

    The firefighters performed their duties well too. They managed to put out the fire and keep the situation under control within just half an hour. The firefighters even managed to rescue the victims who were still trapped in the building. Although there were plenty of injured victims, there were no casualties yet.

    The members of the public gathered below the building slowly recovered from the initial shock and even began discussing about the incident. The reporters were busy interviewing the victims who had escaped from the fire as well as those who had been rescued.

    Despite the chaos, the rescue mission was carried out in an orderly manner.

    The only flaw was that the roads were blocked because of the fire that broke out at eight in the evening. Although the building was not exactly in the center of the city, it was still in one of the prime districts where human traffic peaked in the evening.

    Gu Junling stared at the large building where the flames were slowly starting to dissipate. Compared to the seventh floor, the third to sixth floors were badly ruined. The flames were the strongest on the fourth and fifth floors. The damage was drastic too.

    Fortunately, the building did not collapse. Otherwise, it would have been a disaster.


    Feeling a little anxious, Zhou Tianyu said, “Xinya’s boyfriend has already gone in for about ten minutes but he’s yet to come out. I wonder how he’s doing.”

    As time passed, Xu Tongxuan began to grow increasingly worried. Although the fire had already been kept within control, it would require time to be put out completely. There was still no news about Wen Xinya, Du Ruo, Han Mofeng and Si Yiyan.

    Extremely worried, she murmured, “Numerous firefighters have already entered the building to rescue the victims who are still trapped. However, there is still no news of Xinya. Did something really happen to her?”

    Needless to say, she did not wish for anything to happen to Wen Xinya and the rest, though she was extremely flustered.

    Ling Qingxuan hurriedly said, “Don’t worry, Xinya and the rest will be fine.”

    Although he sounded firm, he was not that confident.

    A fire was different from other disasters. The most dangerous thing that could happen during a fire was becoming intoxicated because of the thick fumes, which would cause most people to experience breathing difficulties, stuffy chests, weak limbs and giddies. Some might even go into shock on the spot. Natural disasters were the most relentless.

    Everyone fell silent.

    Zhou Tianyu suddenly said, “No, we can’t keep waiting here. I’m going upstairs to check on the situation.”

    Since the fire was already kept under control, Zhou Tianyu planned to use her identity as the heiress of the Zhou Family to enter the building together with the firefighters. After giving it some thought, she felt that it was a feasible idea which would be better than plain waiting.

    Gu Junling frantically comforted. “Tianyu, don’t act rashly. The fire may have been kept under control, but it’s not that easy for it to be put out completely. It’s very dangerous in there. Even if you want to know what’s going on inside, leave it to us guys. You’re a girl, you’d better stay here and not let anyone worry about you.”

    He actually shared the same thoughts as Zhou Tianyu, Previously, it was impossible to enter the building because of how strong the fire was. Now that the fire had been controlled, he felt that he ought to think of a way to go in.

    Ling Qingxuan chimed in. “This is our duty as men. You and Tongxuan should just stay here and wait for the news with a peace of mind. Little Eunuch Gu and I shall go upstairs together.”

    There were plenty of people still trapped in the building. During a life and death situation, status and wealth did not matter at all. In the eyes of the firefighters, all lives were equal and they would do their best to save every life they could. Previously, Xu Tongxuan had used her status as the heiress of the Xu Family to pressurize the firefighters into putting more effort into finding Wen Xinya and the rest. However, it was rather unethical for her to do so and the Xu Family’s reputation would be affected if word about it were to spread to others.

    He felt that there was a possibility that he and Gu Junling would find Wen Xinya since they roughly knew the routes.

    Feeling a little hesitant, Xu Tongxuan said, “It’s very dangerous in there. Why don’t I…”

    After all, her grandfather was the previous chief of the police department and was closely related to the civil defense members. She felt that it would be better to let the firefighters carry out the search instead of them. At this point, she could not be bothered to consider her family’s reputation. She thought that her friends’ lives mattered more than reputation which could be salvaged in the future.

    Ling Qingxuan immediately interrupted. “You’d better not do that. There are reporters everywhere and they’re busy interviewing everyone. Once they notice us, we’ll be in trouble.”

    They were all people of status and hence, had been deliberately hiding from the reporters, for fear that there would be unnecessary trouble.

    It was not that he did not want the firefighters to aid them in searching for their friends, but rather, Wen Xinya’s reputation would also be affected even if she could be rescued safely.

    Zhou Tianyu still had something to say…

    Gu Junling smacked the table and said, “It’s settled, then. I’ll go up together with Qingxuan. You guys wait for the news downstairs. Don’t get up to any more tricks.”

    Zhou Tianyu and Xu Tongxuan were both people who had ideas of their own. He was just afraid that they would get up to something dangerous. Hence, he was extremely eager about comforting them.

    Zhou Tianyu and Xu Tongxuan nodded reluctantly. “You guys hurry and go upstairs. The most important thing now is to rescue Xinya. The longer we delay, the more danger Xinya will be in.”

    Gu Junling and Ling Qingxuan walked towards the firefighters without hesitation.

    She had no idea how they persuaded the firefighters, but soon, they managed to cross the safety line.

    Zhou Tianyu and Xu Tongxuan heaved a sigh of relief, surprised to see how smooth it had gone.

    Xu Tongxuan said, “I hope they’ll be alright.”

    Zhou Tianyu reassured. “Don’t worry, they’ll definitely be alright.”