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Chapter 359 - Master Needs to Educate It in Time

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 359: Master Needs to Educate It in Time

    This was the first time that someone had taken the initiative to call it over.

    Blue Sky probably found this refreshing, but when it was nearing the window, it suddenly accelerated and rushed over. However, it did not climb up the window sill. Instead, it placed its huge claws on the window sill and growled at Su Cha.

    Its teeth had not been removed. When it opened its mouth, bits of flesh could be seen through the gaps of its teeth. It must have come out to eat and had just finished.

    The girl who was happily calling it over suddenly felt a little disgusted. "Eh, you have such a bad breath…"

    As she spoke, she took two steps back.

    Blue Sky did not know what she was talking about, but in its eyes, this little human whom it could swallow whole was showing obvious disdain.

    Blue Sky was furious. You were the one who asked me to come here. How dare you treat me with scorn now? Do you not see lions as beasts?

    Do you really think I'm a domestic cat?!

    A cat would scratch you twice if it was unhappy!

    Blue Sky was enraged. With a flip of its butt, it looked as if it was going to pounce through the window sill. However, the window was not opened wide enough. It arched its body upwards and was stuck between the window and the window sill. It did not roll over but fell off the window sill.

    It then sat on the ground.

    Thinking about the appearance of the lion…

    Su Cha could not help but laugh.

    Perhaps it was due to embarrassment, but it was smart enough not to climb over the window sill again.

    It rushed instead into the open door and let out a series of low growls. It ran toward Su Cha in the bedroom and opened its bloody mouth as if it really wanted to bite Su Cha's neck.

    At that moment, the girl narrowed her eyes. The moment Blue Sky closed in on her, she suddenly attacked with lightning speed. Her hands grabbed Blue Sky's chin and forced Blue Sky to open its mouth.

    The force was not light at all. It even forced the beast to stop in an instant. Its limbs went soft and it fell to the ground.

    The secret guard who was rushing down the window saw Su Cha and was speechless.

    The girl held Blue Sky's chin and did not show any panic on her face. Instead, she seemed to be interested. "You're not behaving well enough. Look, you haven't eaten all your meat. There's still some there! So why do you also want to bite me? You probably want to be hung up and beaten up by your master!"

    Seeing Su Cha's expression, the secret guard could not accept it and was shocked.

    However, after showing off his good skills as a secret guard, he retreated silently.

    As Blue Sky could not shut its mouth, it was forced to keep it open. Its saliva almost drooled out. It wanted to grab Su Cha with its claws, but Su Cha immediately let go.

    Blue Sky did not pounce on her again. Instead, it took a step back and glared at Su Cha with its golden eyes. Unexpectedly, a huge drop of saliva dripped from its mouth.

    The side effects of not closing its mouth for too long…

    Blue Sky: "…"

    It was a lion. It did not have any sense of shame, but Su Cha could still see it roaring angrily. As if venting its anger, it swept down the potted plant on the window sill and ran away.

    Su Cha: "…"

    She chuckled. The lion's dignity had probably been trampled by her.

    It had a big temper.

    Su Cha thought about it seriously. Should she complain about the lion? If it threw a tantrum and destroyed something in the future, what would happen?

    She had to let its master educate it in time.