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Chapter 1069 - The Meeting Finally Happened

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 1069: The Meeting Finally Happened

    Zhou Tianyu and Xu Tongxuan were paying attention to the fire scene while reading the news reports about it online. Although they were the victims, they were unaware of the details of the situation.

    The reporters were rather efficient and within just a short period of time, numerous reports about the fire were already published online.

    Some of the reporters gathered at the fire scene. Some were paying attention to the firefighters who were rescuing the victims and putting out the fire, while some were focused on the injuries of the casualties. There were even some who were focused on the victims’ feelings of grief and agony.

    However, the most crucial of it all was the cause of the fire. One of the reporters interviewed the relevant personnel who claimed that the fire broke out in the washroom on the sixth floor. The building was used for hotel and club businesses and hence, there were numerous patrons. In the washroom of the sixth floor, there were numerous stacks of clothing and bedsheets, all of which would catch on fire easily. Besides, they would also cause the fire to spread rapidly. On top of that, the sofas and beds were all made of wood and hence, a fire would be uncontrollable.

    To make matters worse, the fire had already spread to the fifth floor when Wen Xinya found out.

    However, the fire had already stopped spreading and Zhou Tianyu felt a sense of relief. She suddenly grabbed Xu Tongxuan’s hand and asked, “Xuanxuan, look over there. Is that Xinya?”

    Xu Tongxuan frantically looked in the direction that Zhou Tianyu was pointing at. Due to the fire rescue, the street lamps were all brightly lit and glaring. Hence, she could not see anything clearly. However, she could see the green figure moving around nimbly and suavely.

    His dashing and domineering aura was indeed enviable.

    At this moment, he was carrying Wen Xinya in his arms together with Han Mofeng, who was carrying Du Ruo. Ling Qingxuan and Gu Junling were by his side too.

    Xu Tongxuan’s anxiety immediately faded and she said in surprise, “Tianyu, they’re alright.”

    Zhou Tianyu was over the moon too. She held onto Xu Tongxuan’s hand and received them.


    Wen Xinya immediately got Si Yiyan to put her down after hearing Zhou Tianyu call her name.

    Si Yiyan decided not to insist on carrying her because he knew that she was not injured.

    Zhou Tianyu immediately hugged Wen Xinya and began sobbing. She exclaimed, “Xinya, are you alright? Did you get hurt?”

    Wen Xinya shook her head and said in a dry and hoarse voice, “I’m alright. Fortunately, Yan arrived in time. I only inhaled some smoke which made my throat feel uncomfortable.”

    Wen Xinya still did not forget to praise Si Yiyan and put in a good word for him in front of her friends.

    Xu Tongxuan also held onto Du Ruo’s hand to show her some concern. Du Ruo seemed to be in a poorer state than Wen Xinya and was laying feebly in Han Mofeng’s arms.

    Everyone felt a sense of relief after checking up on each other.

    Ling Qingxuan laughed and said, “Fortunately, everyone is alright and it was just a false alarm.”

    Si Yiyan apologized. “I’m so sorry. If it weren’t because of our arranged meeting, you guys wouldn’t have met with such an ordeal.”

    He had already been feeling guilty enough for being late and indirectly causing them to be caught in a fire.

    As soon as Si Yiyan finished speaking, Wen Xinya frantically explained. “It was my fault too. You’ve just returned to Russia and you’re still very busy. If it weren’t because of my impatience, this wouldn’t have happened.”

    Since her friends were already upset with Si Yiyan for being late, she could not allow him to shoulder all the blame.

    Si Yiyan’s sincere apology and Wen Xinya’s defense caused her friends to be amused, for they had long gotten used to Wen Xinya acting all calm and composed. They had never seen her this meek before.

    Zhou Tianyu burst into laughter and said, “In that case, we’re also to blame for asking you two to meet us officially as a couple. If it weren’t because of the pressure that I kept giving Xinya, she wouldn’t have been so impatient and this wouldn’t have happened today.”

    Actually, they had never once spoken to Si Yiyan before, but one glance at him was enough to make them feel impressed and admire him.

    Besides, Zhou Tianyu was thoroughly impressed by his brave decision to rescue Wen Xinya without considering his own safety.

    Xu Tongxuan chimed in. “Tianyu is right. Life is full of uncertainties and we couldn’t have been able to predict this beforehand. How can we put the blame on you? We’re not that petty, don’t get the wrong idea about us.”

    Xu Tongxuan was also in awe of Si Yiyan. As the eldest daughter of the Xu Family, she grew up accompanying her grandfather in the police department. Hence, she had sharp senses and good judgment of people.

    Du Ruo decided to give everyone an out. “Fortunately, we’re all alright. That’s a huge blessing.”

    However, Du Ruo seemed to be scanning Si Yiyan from head to toe while speaking. At last, she deduced that Wen Xinya was very compatible with Si Yiyan.

    She knew that her friends were understanding and felt relieved that they did not put her in a spot.

    Si Yiyan heaved a sigh of relief, for he was actually rather worried about Wen Xinya’s friends and afraid that they would be displeased with him because of everything that happened. After all… he had indeed messed up and made various blunders today.

    At this moment, Gu Junling laughed and said, “Don’t think that you can forgo this meal with just an apology.”

    Gu Junling was fascinated by his ability to remain calm during a crisis and his bravery to risk his life in order to rescue Wen Xinya. None of them were displeased with him at all.

    His character would be proven over a few drinks.

    However, they finally witnessed his nature and personality after the ordeal.

    Ling Qingxuan chimed in. “You were late today and we agreed to punish you by making you drink 300 glasses of wine.”

    Even Han Mofeng, who was displeased with Si Yiyan because of Xu Zhenyu, stood quietly by the side without showing any signs of unhappiness.

    Si Yiyan said with a genuine smile, “You guys asked me out for a meal out of sincerity. However, Heaven did not let us have our wishes. Let’s pick another auspicious date for a meal.”

    Gu Junling and the other two men were more gracious than the girls. They did not take Si Yiyan for an outsider at all, which was to Si Yiyan’s pleasure. He respected Wen Xinya’s friends and hence, was glad to gain their recognition.

    They cheered merrily.

    Si Yiyan said, “I’ve already arranged for cars to send you guys to the hospital. You may not have any injuries, but it’s inevitable that you inhaled some thick smoke. It’s better to go for a checkup in the hospital.”

    No one had any objections because his arrangements were appropriate.