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Chapter 360 - Management Agency

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 360: Management Agency

    Su Cha did not stay in the Lookout Pavilion for long. Although she'd taken a leave of absence, she still went to Dai Xiaofu's place to continue studying vocals.

    No one called her. Everything seemed peaceful.

    Because Su Cha was participating in the competition, the discussions about her on the Internet were constant. However, she had never paid attention to the speculations or posts about her.

    Her popularity was also rising. After the first episode of the show, the number of her fans had risen to almost two hundred thousand.

    Despite her being a newbie, Su Cha's popularity was rising at a terrifying rate.

    The comments about her online had always been accurate. Her aura was strong, her singing was good, and she was a super genius. She was simply a genius girl born with many blessings.

    However, there were also many netizens with malicious intent.

    If a person was outstanding, many people would be envious of them.

    But Su Cha knew that geniuses were not born overnight.

    If she had not paid with her life, how could she have everything today?

    However, the advantage of her rising popularity was that someone had taken a fancy to Su Cha.

    It was not an offer but a management agency.

    If contestants were outstanding, it was not uncommon for agencies to approach them in advance. If Su Cha could sign with the agency, the agency would definitely support her. Since Su Cha was currently participating in Dreams in Progress, they would boost her up and promote her.

    In the future, if this contestant really became popular, it would be a win-win situation for the agency.

    Of course, all of this was built on the premise that Su Cha was willing to sign a legal contract.

    Each company's legal contract was different. Due to the popularity of the contestants, they would give different conditions to sign the contract. If Su Cha was liked by others at this time, they would definitely not give good conditions. If they thought that Su Cha would become more outstanding in the future, they would be lenient.

    Some of them were just a small production studio.

    The company that contacted Su Cha had also reached out to the production crew as they also had a partnership with them.

    There must be a management agency behind the production crew. The contestants had to be given internal contracts. Basically, the top ten contestants would sign the contract provided by the production crew because it was the show that provided a platform.

    However, the terms of the contract were considered good for the contestants. After all, the production crew had a large entertainment agency backing them. But if they wanted to sign the contract, they would first have to enter the top ten.

    The Top 20 would not be allowed to sign a contract for the time being. If a management agency took a fancy to one of them, the production crew might not allow it, but even if the contestants privately desired it, the crew would still not be bothered. After all, the "Xinhua Entertainment" behind the production crew was considered one of the top management agencies in the entertainment industry. The contestants knew what the better choice was between signing with a big company and an unknown small studio, so the production crew was very confident.

    When the agency contacted the production crew to ask for Su Cha's contact details, the crew had hesitated for a while. After all, if nothing went wrong with Su Cha, it would not be a problem for her to enter the top 10. However, the other party was also a partner. In this case, it would depend on the contestant's personal will, so the production crew did not stop her.

    Of course, they just wanted Su Cha to have a chat with the other party first. If they could not make a deal, it would not affect anything.

    Su Cha thought about it and did not refuse.

    She did not know the entertainment industry. At this time, she could take a look at the other party's conditions, which would allow her to have a rough idea of the current conditions of the entertainment industry.