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Chapter 361 - The Contract Rank

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 361: The Contract Rank

    "Miss Su, hello."

    The agency that contacted Su Cha was called Dayu Entertainment. It was a newly established company that had been around for only three or four years, yet it was quite well-known.

    It was mostly because this company liked to promote newcomers. Most of the productions they're involved in were web dramas, but it was really a stroke of luck that a few celebrities ended up becoming famous because of their web drama. They gradually became famous in the industry and, at the same time, became more confident.

    This entertainment company was mainly involved in the film industry. Before coming to the meeting, Su Cha had looked up some information on them. She did not see that they had signed on singers, so it was a little strange that the other party approached her.

    The person they sent was a business director who was mainly responsible for negotiating with the public. Her name was Chu Man.

    Su Cha shook hands with the representative. "Miss Chu, hello. I'm Su Cha."

    Chu Man sat down with Su Cha with a smile on her face. She glanced at Su Cha several times.

    The moment they met, Chu Man had been stunned by Su Cha's appearance.

    Su Cha was not just one of the most beautiful, but she could also be said to be an unparalleled beauty.


    Because of her unique charm and temperament.

    There were many beautiful people, but it was rare to see someone with a good temperament and not just looks.

    When that group photo was taken, Su Cha had instantly killed all the contestants, leaving a deep impression on all who saw it.

    Their company also began to target Su Cha at this time.

    In this day and age, a singer was required to branch out into acting to be a celebrity. After all, it was a fact that the singing industry was not in bad shape.

    If Su Cha could sign with their company, they would naturally focus on nurturing her.

    At first, Chu Man had thought that the Dream in Progress production team would not let her go, but since the agency had a partnership with them, she managed to get a chance.

    Chu Man was also very confident. If the conditions were good enough, she did not believe that Su Cha would not be tempted by their terms.

    After all, she was a new contestant, so she definitely did not know the importance of the contract. With a little temptation, she would not be afraid of falling for it.

    "I believe Miss Su has researched what kind of agency our company is before coming here. Isn't that right?"

    Chu Man smiled as she spoke to Su Cha confidently.

    This despite her inability to straighten her back in front of Su Cha.

    When Su Cha heard this, the girl's long eyelashes fluttered. She looked at Chu Man with her bright and clear eyes. The curve of her lips gave off a meaningful feeling.

    "Of course, Miss Chu."

    Chu Man did not think so before, but now that they had officially spoken, she felt that the other party's words were giving her an inexplicable sense of pressure.

    It was obvious that Chu Man was the one who dominated the conversation.

    "Miss Su, I'm a straightforward person. I hope you don't mind. You must want to know what our company wants from you, but we're here to ask you what you want from our company."

    Chu Man smiled sincerely.

    As soon as she came up, she extolled Su Cha, paving the way for the subsequent conversation.

    Su Cha smiled without saying anything.

    Chu Man was wrong. She definitely would ask the company what appropriate chips they could give her. Otherwise, why should she sign with them?

    Of course, Chu Man's words were along those lines. After Su Cha heard them, she said bluntly, "Miss Chu, let's be direct. I know that the entertainment industry is divided into ranks. I want to know what contract rank I'm worth in your company's eyes, and whether your promise to me will be true."