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Chapter 618 - Martial… Martial Superior!

Medical Master
     “Boom…” At noon, the rumbling of engines could be heard outside the special forces base.

    Three military jeeps drove into the base.

    A large group of people got out of the three vehicles.

    These people were the leaders and coaches of this special forces base.

    “Where are the soldiers?” Looking at the empty base, the first commander questioned.

    A soldier who stayed to guard the base immediately trotted up and said, “Report! Everyone is out for field training.”

    “Field training?”

    The first commander was stunned and said, “I don’t remember there being any training tasks today.”


    “Pitter-patter…” At this moment, the sound of orderly footsteps came from outside the base.

    Looking up, he saw that the 1,000 special forces soldiers led by the captain were marching in. They looked travel-worn, but they gave people a sense of extraordinary momentum.

    “What happened?”

    The first commander was confused and immediately said, “Go and ask Captain Li to come here.”

    The soldier responded immediately, ran up and said a few words to the captain leading the 1,000 special soldiers.

    Seeing that the commanders had returned and were all staring at him, the captain did not dare to delay and immediately trotted all the way over.

    “Commander.” Running to the commanders, the captain saluted.

    “Soldier.” The first commander also saluted him and then asked with a frown, “What’s going on? Why are you all so exhausted, like weasels who had gone on a chicken killing spree?”

    “Reporting to the commander.”

    The captain answered, “It’s John Doe, the drillmaster who just arrived. He brought us out to do the field training. Commander Li Ji has given the permission before the training began.”

    When he heard this, the first commander, who was initially frowning, immediately relaxed and smiled knowingly. His eyes slowly filled with expectation as he asked, “Oh? The training is over now. How did the soldiers fare?”

    In the last military drill, he was particularly envious of the two special forces squadrons who had been trained by the mysterious man in Nanjiang. At that time, he looked closely at them and found that the soldiers of the two squadrons were all martial arts practitioners. It would be strange if they were not powerful.

    Later, he learned that they had been trained by the mysterious man John Doe. Therefore, every time he met Li Ji, he would bring up this matter and deliberately transferred Li Ji to Beijiang temporarily so that he could ask him to find a way to get the mysterious man John Doe here to train the 1,000 soldiers under his command.

    He did not expect that as soon as he left, Li Ji really found him.

    This made the first commander really look forward to the outcome of this training. Would his 1,000 soldiers be able to reach the same level as the two squadrons in Nanjiang?

    Hearing the first commander’s question, the captain smiled simply and then said, “Ha-ha. Commander, we won’t let you down. With the instructions and help of drillmaster John Doe, all 1,000 soldiers of the ten squadrons have broken through to the Martial Superior Realm!”

    “Great.” The first commander immediately laughed elatedly.

    But after a short while, he suddenly stopped.

    Staring at the captain, the first commander asked in disbelief, “What did you say? Martial… Martial Superior?!”

    It was not only the first commander, but the other commanders standing at the side, were also shocked!

    “Yes, sir, Martial Superior!” The captain smiled brightly.

    The first commander was shocked.

    The others were all dumbfounded!

    He thought they were going to be martial arts practitioners.

    Weren’t the two squadrons trained by the mysterious man in Nanjiang also martial arts practitioners?

    How did they become Martial Superiors?

    They had only been away for a few days and these soldiers had all become Martial Superiors.

    What on earth had happened?

    “No, no, no… Tell me again and answer me honestly!” The first commander shook his head and asked in disbelief.

    “Commander, why don’t you take a look?”

    The captain responded, immediately turned his head and ordered the 1,000 soldiers who followed him in formation, “Release your momentum!”

    Once they heard that, the 1,000 special soldiers released their Martial Superior’s momentum in an instant!

    Although the first-class Martial Superior’s aura was not so strong, it would be terrifying if 1,000 people released their powers at the same time.

    The first commander could feel that these 1,000 soldiers had suddenly changed.

    They were no longer as exhausted as they used to be. Each of them became brave and mighty.

    He wasn’t a martial arts practitioner.

    Although he could feel the momentum, he did not know how strong it was. Therefore, he could only turn his head and look at the bodyguard who wore a military uniform and was on the skinny side.

    The bodyguard turned his head indifferently and glanced at the 1,000 soldiers.

    “They’re really Martial Superiors.”

    After watching the soldiers, the bodyguard nodded to the first commander.

    Although he looked calm, in fact, he was the one who was the most shocked among all the people present.

    He was extremely dumbfounded.

    The others were not aware of this.

    As the first commander’s bodyguard, he was also a powerful master in the martial arts world, so he knew what these 1,000 Martial Superiors represented!

    He could not imagine how they managed to do this.

    How could anyone cultivate 1,000 ordinary special soldiers into Martial Superiors in just a few days?

    This kind of training method was simply too terrifying!

    “Ha-ha, good, good!”

    Hearing the confirmation of the bodyguard, the first commander immediately laughed excitedly and said, “I’d like to see the expressions of those old men in the next military drill. You have martial arts practitioners; I have Martial Superiors. You have hundreds of them while I have a thousand. Ha-ha… That’s great!”

    “Retrieve!” The captain shouted in a low voice.

    All the soldiers immediately retracted their powers.

    The first commander nodded with his hands clasped behind his back and said, “Well done. Thank you for your hard work. You can go and celebrate.”

    The eyes of all the special soldiers lit up when they heard that.

    “Thank you, commander.” The captain immediately stood at attention and saluted to show his gratitude.

    All the special forces soldiers also saluted.

    “Go ahead.” The first commander waved his hand with a smile.

    “Dismiss.” The captain ordered.

    All the special soldiers immediately dispersed in excitement.

    As the soldiers dispersed, the first commander looked at the captain named Li Changying and asked, “Li Changying, this…?”

    Li Changying immediately shook his head.

    “Okay.” The first commander nodded and did not ask any more questions.

    He originally wanted to ask how a thousand people could break through from an ordinary level to the Martial Superior level. How did they do that?

    However, after thinking about it again, this matter was of great significance, so it had to be kept a secret.

    Even if he wanted to ask, he had to ask in private.

    “Then, where is John Doe?” The first commander asked.

    “He should still be in the base.”

    Li Changying said, “He came back with Commander Li Ji this morning.”

    “Oh.” The first commander was slightly stunned, then quickly turned his head, looked into the conference room and hurried to the room.

    This was a great effort.

    As the commander of this base and the leader of these 1,000 special soldiers, he had to show his gratitude.

    Soon, the first commander, accompanied by his bodyguard and Li Changying, came to the door of the conference room.

    At this moment, Fang Qiu was sitting at the conference table with Li Ji, drinking tea and chatting.

    “Knock, knock, knock…” Suddenly, there was a knock on the door.

    “Come in.” Li Ji turned around and shouted.

    Then, the door opened.

    An old man in his sixties wearing a military uniform came into the room with a smile on his face.

    “Commander?” When Li Ji saw the old man, he quickly stood up.

    Fang Qiu also stood up to greet him.

    “Is this the drillmaster John Doe?”

    After entering the meeting room, the first commander walked to Fang Qiu with a smile, directly held Fang Qiu’s right hand with both hands and said gratefully, “Thank you for your contribution to the army.”

    Fang Qiu smiled and said modestly, “That is what I should do as a citizen of Huaxia.”

    “Well said.”

    The first commander nodded with a smile and said, “Huaxia is our motherland. As a citizen of our country, we should make a contribution toward our country’s safety.”

    “However, for a talent like you, it would be a pity if you did not stay in the army. Since you want to serve the country and the people, do you have any thoughts of staying in the army?”

    Fang Qiu shook his head with a smile and said, “Everyone has his own ambition. I’m from Huaxia, so I’m willing to make contributions to the development of my motherland. I have my own ambition, so I can’t serve the army.”

    “I see.”

    The first commander felt it was a pity, but he did not force it. Instead, he asked with an expectant look, “I want to know if you have any other way to help the other soldiers improve their strength?”

    Fang Qiu said, “Well, let Captain Li Changying report to you first and I’ll talk about the method later.”

    The first commander nodded at once. “Okay.”

    He was also curious.

    The bodyguard who had been following the commander was also very curious.

    “I’ll just cut to the chase.”

    Li Changying said, “After the drillmaster arrived, he took us into the desert for three days of field training. After the training, we encountered dozens of giant carnivorous lizards in the area near Lop Nor.”

    Upon hearing this, the first commander’s expression changed.

    From his expression, he was aware of what had happened back then.

    “In order to protect us, the drillmaster built a sand wall in the desert, blocked all the giant carnivorous lizards and then trained all the soldiers. The training lasted for an hour. During that training, all the soldiers broke through and became martial arts practitioners.”

    “The training was over. The drillmaster killed all the giant carnivorous lizards and then entered Lop Nor alone…”

    As they listened to Li Changying’s narration, the bodyguard of the first commander was shocked again.

    How could Fang Qiu build a sand wall in the desert that could block out giant carnivorous lizards?

    He must be immensely strong in order to do that?

    As for the first commander, when he heard that Fang Qiu had entered Lop Nor alone, he admired Fang Qiu in his heart.

    Li Changying continued, “Then, we received a message from the drillmaster. He asked us to enter Lop Nor’s underground cave…”

    When Li Changying finished speaking, Fang Qiu then said, “Let me tell you what happened when I entered Lop Nor’s underground cave alone.”

    Hearing that, not only the first commander, even Li Ji and Li Changying were looking forward to it.

    They were also very curious about what Fang Qiu had experienced after entering Lop Nor’s underground cave alone. How did he manage to walk out of the underground maze? How did he find the underground cave? Why did all the soldiers enter the underground cave to cultivate? And how did the soldiers break through and become Martial Superiors?

    Although they had broken through, Li Ji and Li Changying still did not know how they did it.