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Chapter 362 - My Boyfriend Will Not Agree to Such a Contrac

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 362: My Boyfriend Will Not Agree to Such a Contract

    Chu Man was not surprised that Su Cha would ask such a question. She had seen too many newcomers.

    There were also people who were fearful, like Su Cha.

    "I can tell Miss Su directly that you are worthy of a C-rank contract in our company's eyes. Of course, our highest-ranking contract is S-rank, followed respectively by A, B, C, and D. I hope Miss Su will not be anxious after hearing this and listen to me carefully."

    She smiled. Su Cha raised her eyebrows and made an inviting gesture.

    "Miss Su, you must know that it's not easy to become famous in the industry. Now that you are participating in the show Dreams in Progress, you will be very popular if you can enter the top ten. Even so, that fame may not last. I'm not cursing you. You should know how fast this industry is changing. And now, the top few are firmly holding on to that batch of good resources. We don't have much left. It's natural for them to be good-looking given this industry, but it's not necessarily true that they have to be good-looking. If Miss Su were to enter the top ten, she would have to be signed with Xinhua. As there are too many people under them, Miss Su would definitely not be able to receive the same treatment we could provide. They would give the top 10 a D-rank contract.

    "Right now, you are only a singer, but if you join our company, we will give you a certain chance to act. Of course, we will also guarantee that you will be able to sing. A D-rank contract will give you two albums in five years, but with a C-rank contract, it will take only a year and a half. Even if the sales of this record may not be good, we will guarantee this kind of treatment. Moreover, as you participate in the competition, we will promote you and make you very popular. You might even enter the top three.

    "We will arrange for an experienced manager in the company to take you on. As for the most important part of the contract, which is the shares, it will be 4-6. You will get four, and we will get six. Of course, if Miss Su's popularity makes a huge breakthrough during this period, and if she can maintain it forever, we can upgrade the contract appropriately. I believe that Miss Su will not be able to find another partner who can give such lenient terms."

    It sounded like that was true, but it also seemed like there was some caveat.

    Albums were well and good, but how were these going to be produced? What would the production quality be like? If none of these could be guaranteed, how could there be a chance for her to act?

    Su Cha already had a chance to audition for a film to begin with.

    After she finished, she smiled lightly. Chu Man was still smiling as she said, "Miss Su, what do you think?"

    Su Cha suddenly asked, "What about relationships?"

    Chu Man was stunned. "Miss Su, what do you mean?"

    "What if I announce my relationship status during this period?"

    Chu Man looked as if she was teasing her. "Miss Su, of course we can't stop you from dating. But you know that if you debuted in a talent show, you are an idol. You can't reveal your relationship status during the first few years before you've succeeded. Besides, it's not just idols. Many popular celebrities nowadays are supported by boyfriend fans or girlfriend fans. It's not advisable for them to reveal their relationship either."

    "I see."

    Su Cha's eyes curved into crescents. "I think the conditions are acceptable, but since I can't announce our relationship… I can't guarantee that I would want to announce it during this period, but I at least know that my boyfriend will not agree to such a contract. I'm sorry, Miss Chu."