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Chapter 410 - Love Letter

Can't Take My Eyes Off You
     Chapter 410: Love Letter

    To say Lu Xingzhi was exasperated was an understatement. No wonder Jiang Yao refused all of his advances.

    However, Lu Xingzhi was recovering faster than Jiang Yao expected. The medicine formulated in the lab was way more effective than the ones prepared by the hospital itself.

    She initially thought it would take two months for him to recover completely, but looking at his condition, he needed no more than half a month to be discharged from the hospital and recoup in the platoon. Perhaps he could gradually get back into his daily training in a month’s time.

    “Colonel Lin is going back to the platoon in half a month’s time to recoup and rest. I will go crazy if I stay here alone for another two months.” Lu Xingzhi was honest in his claims.

    “Seems like you should be able to do the same as well, “Jiang Yao said. “Once you return to the platoon, I will go back to school too. Do you still want an early discharge?”

    Lu Xingzhi was slightly pleased to hear that he could return to Jin City earlier, only to have his hopes squashed by what followed.

    “So, you are not going to stay here with me?” Lu Xingzhi asked.

    “Except for intense activities and exercises, there is nothing much to be concerned about.” Jiang Yao lowered her voice, “I have to go back for my classes.”


    Lu Xingzhi looked at Jiang Yao with an intense gaze, how he wished she would always be at his side.

    “Let’s not talk about the future. I wonder what is written in the letter?” Just like a magician, Jiang Yao took out a piece of crumpled paper from her pocket and opened it. She took a glance at the contents and made the weirdest of expressions.

    The letter started off with a poem, childish at best and the words used seemed out of place. Connecting the first word of each line read ‘Jiang Yao I Love You’.

    At the end of the poem was a confession of love. Jiang Yao was truly shocked after reading it.

    She never would have thought that it was a love letter written by Lu Xingzhi to her!

    A man like Lu Xingzhi, writing a love letter?!

    It was his writing, even though the content was as cheesy as it could be, a true masterpiece on how not to write a love letter.

    Jiang Yao reread the confession. It felt a little familiar though, like she read it somewhere before.

    When she finally looked at Lu Xingzhi, his expression was as awkward as it could be, with surprise written all over his face. Did he not snatch the envelope back? It was empty all along!

    Jiang Yao cleared her throat and started reading out the confession, “Girl, every night I think of the moment we first met, it was beautiful, the best thing that ever happened to me. I will always remember how beautiful you were that day, even the morning twilight, with its vibrant colors was no match for your beauty, even the fully-bloomed flowers in the garden pale in comparison…”

    “Stop it!” Lu Xingzhi yelled. “I should have strangled Weiqi and Xuyao when I had the chance! Giving me horrible ideas and all!”

    His face turned bright red; his gaze floated around until it landed on the letter.

    Dark times indeed! And it was all thanks to Zhou Weiqi and Chen Xuyao!