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Chapter 432 - Deep Doub

Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully!
     Chapter 432: Deep Doubt

    After the two of them left, Tang Jinyu found a secluded spot and stopped the car. He took a laptop from the car and handed it to Jian Qi.

    “Is that okay?” Tang Jinyu asked.

    Jian Qi nodded. “Sure.”

    She reached for the laptop but didn’t know if she should take action.

    After all, she was still afraid that Tang Jinyu would discover her.

    “Instructor Tang, I think I’m still a little weak…” Jian Qi chuckled.

    “How can that be? Aren’t you stronger than me?” Tang Jinyu scoffed and looked at her calmly. “Since that’s the case, let’s do it now!”

    “This…” Jian Qi couldn’t back down now. It was obvious that Tang Jinyu wanted her to do it.


    She couldn’t drop this hot potato at all!

    “Are you ready? If so, you can start now!” Tang Jinyu leaned back on his chair and looked at her coldly.

    Jian Qi chuckled and turned on the computer.

    She placed her hand on the keyboard and started typing quickly.

    Tang Jinyu crossed his arms in front of his chest. His gaze fell on her hands as she typed away. It seemed like something was going on!

    Tang Jinyu looked up slightly and shifted his gaze to her clean face.

    The girl stared at the screen with a playful smile on her face. She seemed to be in good condition. It was as if she was playing a simple game instead of a dangerous battle.

    From the beginning, he knew that this woman was calm and collected.

    No matter what happened, she never seemed nervous.

    He didn’t know how to describe such a person.

    She was too independent!

    Although she could cooperate well with everyone during the training, she was more used to handling everything personally.

    He thought that it might have something to do with her living environment since she was young.

    However, wasn’t Coco always nice to her?

    Most of the matters were handled by him. Why did she have such an independent personality?

    It was fine if it was just a simple matter, but it was not the case!

    She was too independent!

    Tang Jinyu shifted his gaze from Jian Qi to the computer screen.

    In just a few seconds, she had already bypassed the firewall and entered the anti-terrorism database.

    This speed…

    Tang Jinyu frowned slightly.

    He remained quiet and stared at the computer screen.

    The screen was filled with codes. The entire car was so quiet that only the sound of Jian Qi typing could be heard.

    The codes on the screen kept changing, but the anti-terrorism team did not notice anything.

    Tang Jinyu narrowed his eyes dangerously.

    He did not think that the anti-terrorists were trash!

    Jian Qi’s skills…

    Unless they were top hackers in the world, they wouldn’t be able to infiltrate the base so easily under the anti-terrorist system.

    Even though Jian Qi had performed quite well during the past few days of training, she was definitely not one of the best on the internet.

    Although she did well in all aspects, she was clearly better at shooting and fighting!

    But now, something was wrong!