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Chapter 411 - Wan

Can't Take My Eyes Off You
     Chapter 411: Want

    He wrote this letter before his marriage to Jiang Yao. Back then, he was busted by Zhou Weiqi and Chen Xuyao for secretly looking at her pictures. After knowing his intentions for Jiang Yao, they started coming up with plenty of ideas for Lu Xingzhi to go after her.

    Confessing with a love letter was one of the methods mentioned. Lu Xingzhi read plenty of romantic and lovey-dovey publications just to write it. He did not have the courage to give it to Jiang Yao even after completing it, but he did not want to throw it away as well. In the end, it was placed under lock and key together with other things in the drawer.

    Lu Xingzhi was positive that Jiang Yao would never come to see this love letter.

    Who would have thought!

    “You needed their help in writing a love letter? Tsk!” Jiang Yao said disapprovingly. Lu Xingzhi did not look happy, and knowing that he was embarrassed, she mellowed out and put the letter back into her bag.

    It did not matter; she could always read it again whenever Lu Xingzhi was away. Nonetheless, one glance and she remembered every single word written in the letter.

    Weird. Her memory was getting so much better these days. She could instantly remember any nurse that walked past her in the hospital, recalling their names perfectly the next day.

    This had never happened before. Her memory was not the shabbiest, but she was also not the greatest at remembering faces and names.


    “Why are you putting it in your bag?” Lu Xingzhi stretched his hand out. “Shouldn’t it be returned to its rightful owner?”

    Jiang Yao smiled at Lu Xingzhi, pretending not to hear what he said and lay down on her bed.

    Poor Lu Xingzhi, he was having an extremely hard time falling asleep. All he could think of were ways to murder Zhou Weiqi and Chen Xuyao.

    Was there a lapse in his intelligence? Why did he listen to them and write the love letter?

    Surely something was wrong then, why did he not destroy the love letter if he did not give it to Jiang Yao.

    It felt weird remembering Jiang Yao’s face when mocking him. She was probably admonishing him in silence.

    The next day, Luo Ruoran was the one sending meals to the hospital. It was an unusual weekend, with her free from any work, she picked up Zhou Weiqi on her way to the hospital.

    After Jiang Yao and Lu Xingzhi had eaten lunch, they took a walk in the garden just by the side of the hospital.

    The weather was perfect, and it was the season to come out and soak in the sunlight as much as possible. The hospital garden had always been a popular spot for the patients and the nearby residents as a place to relax and unwind.

    The trio walked slowly, as Lu Xingzhi had still not fully recovered yet.

    Zhou Weiqi brought up some news to Lu Xingzhi. “My friends have been busy looking for Sun Cuimei and Ge Wenwen for the past couple of days. They did not come back as of yet since they left with the man. However, we have some information as to why Sun Cuimei brought Ge Wenwen away.”

    Sergeant Ge was now in Jin City; however, he did ask Colonel Lin and Lu Xingzhi for their help in locating Ge Wenwen. There was only so much they—as military personnel—could do. It was still more appropriate for Zhou Weiqi to be handling things behind the scenes.