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Chapter 363 - Su Cha, Have You Signed a Contract?

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 363: Su Cha, Have You Signed a Contract?

    Chu Man was stunned. Then, she looked at Su Cha in disbelief and asked anxiously, "Don't you know the rules of this industry? A celebrity who is an idol would die if she announced her relationship…"

    "I know."

    Su Cha continued, smiling, "But what does that have to do with me?"

    Chu Man was stunned.

    The girl's casual words seemed to contain other meanings that made one want to probe.

    However, Su Cha did not give her a chance. She took a sip of her coffee and stood up. "Miss Chu, thank you so much for coming here. I can only say that it's a pity that we can't work together."

    With that, she turned to leave.

    Chu Man suddenly asked, "Do you love your boyfriend so much that he's more important than your future?"

    She understood how girls were nowadays.

    At the age of 18 or 19, once they fell in love, it was easy for them to become blind.

    But love had to bow to reality. If you joined a talent show, you would become an idol in the future. How could your relationship be announced just like that?

    How could love be worth having after struggling in the industry?

    Chu Man had seen too many people. Most of them had boyfriends or girlfriends when they entered the entertainment industry. In the end, they experienced the impetuousness of the entertainment industry and became addicted to money, and they gave up on the love that they thought was precious.

    How important was her youth?

    In the end, they would know that the future was the most important.

    Su Cha stopped in her tracks and turned to look at Chu Man. Her eyebrows were light as if she was puzzled. "Miss Chu, why do you think that the two are connected?"

    "Didn't you say that you would announce it?"

    Chu Man said solemnly to her, "If you really become popular, you will face thousands of fans and extremely busy schedules. You won't have so much time to deal with him. If you don't have a firm foothold, rashly announcing your relationship would ruin your future. No one would be so foolish, little girl!"

    Although she was polite, Chu Man was at least ten years older than Su Cha.

    What could she not see clearly?

    "Then I'll stand firm."

    The girl spoke casually. Her eyes were crescent-shaped, bright, and clear.

    For a moment, Chu Man was stunned by the light she emitted.


    Sure, that was easy!

    Even if Chu Man and the rest wanted to support Su Cha, they could not guarantee that she would become popular.

    Of course, if she was not popular, who would care if she announced her relationship publicly?

    But Su Cha's tone was clearly saying that she would definitely become popular.

    Chu Man did not know where her confidence came from.

    Even if Su Cha was beautiful and sang well, there were many people in the industry who were more capable but could not become popular.

    Chu Man felt that Su Cha was being too arrogant.

    Feeling that she could not negotiate with Su Cha, she had no choice but to go back.

    When she came here, she'd thought that she had a chance to sign Su Cha on, but she'd also thought that it might not work.

    After Su Cha returned to the dormitory, even after what happened last time, someone could not help but ask her, "Su Cha, have you signed with Dayu Entertainment?"

    This girl was An Qiao's former roommate, Yu Shuran.

    She looked at Su Cha. She was still afraid, but she could not help but want to know the exact results, so she'd braced herself and asked Su Cha.