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Chapter 364 - Hows Jin Mou?

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 364: How's Jin Mou?

    The Top 20 competition had been ongoing these past few days. This Yu Shuran was considered lucky to have come this far.

    She was also very popular.

    After Jin Mou and An Qiao left, Su Cha's and hers were the only single rooms in the villa.

    However, after this round of competition, they would all probably pick a new room number.

    Su Cha looked at her with a faint smile. "How did you know that I was contacted by people from Dayu Entertainment?"

    Yu Shuran was stunned.

    She stammered, "I… I heard it from Ka Lian."

    It was not really a secret. After all, Su Cha was not the only one contacted by Dayu Entertainment.

    They'd also approached Ka Lian.

    Ka Lian was the contestant with a strong stage style, the one who had clashed against Mona's style.

    During this round, Su Cha knew that Mona and Ka Lian were going head to head against each other again in order to enter the next round. Moreover, it seemed that Mona's chances of passing this round were slim.

    Those who could make it into the top 30 were already quite popular.

    Ka Lian was a careless girl. She did not intend to hide anything from Su Cha. She'd simply gone to meet people from Dayu Entertainment first. And although it was not her business, Ka Lian had told others about Su Cha directly when she came back.

    Anyway, she rejected them.

    She just didn't expect that Dayu Entertainment would also approach Su Cha.

    Actually, other contestants were still jealous of Su Cha and Ka Lian.

    It proved that Su Cha and Ka Lian had what it takes to be liked by an agency. The others were inferior.

    Apart from Ka Lian, who was in the Imperial Capital's division, Su Cha was the only contestant from Yonggu City who had reached the Top 20. Her popularity was not less than a few contestants from the Imperial Capital.

    Now she was in the top five on the official website.

    Su Cha could not compare with the first few who had become popular online celebrities.

    Yet just like that, Su Cha had become stronger.

    As her popularity was still rising, the others would remain inferior to Su Cha.

    They could not explain why. Other than the train incident, Su Cha had also been vaguely mentioned in An Qiao's poisoning incident, but she did not have as much screentime as the other contestants. She basically kept a low profile and did not interact with her fans. To explain her popularity, it could only be said that her face gave her an advantage.

    Many people liked Su Cha.

    She was cool.

    When they found out that Su Cha had been approached by Dayu Entertainment, they'd hoped that Su Cha would agree to it. If Su Cha signed with Dayu Entertainment, there would be an empty seat in Xinhua Entertainment, and it might be possible that it would be given to another person.

    After all, in the hearts of these other contestants, Su Cha was already one of the top ten.

    Su Cha did not expect that Dayu Entertainment had also invited Ka Lian. If she saw Su Cha, it meant that that was the case. Since Su Cha did not agree to sign the contract, she answered directly, "I didn't sign it."

    After she finished speaking and was about to leave, Yu Shuran suddenly asked her, "Well, I wanted to ask you, is Jin Mou okay?"

    Su Cha turned her head. Yu Shuran shrank her neck under the cold gaze. "She's not close to us. We don't have her contact details, so we can only ask you. I'm just asking about her current situation. That's all."

    Su Cha was silent for a while before she said, "It's not a big deal. Her throat will recover soon."

    However, it was a public fact that she could not participate in the competition.