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Chapter 531 - Inside the Cocoon

Let Me Game in Peace
     Chapter 531 Inside the CocoonXia Xuanyue could not help but look at John. Although he used to have the title of Saint, titles were just a joke in the six families.

    Ignoring Xia Xuanyue's generation, even amongst John's peers, there was also a freak like Lance. John paled in comparison.

    Now that John had actually been praised by Dugu Ge, Xia Xuanyue could not help but take a closer look at him.

    John stood in the arena like an ancient Greek statue. Despite just standing there, he gave off a beautiful, holy feeling. His aura was indeed very strong, making him likely to be at the Epic stage. However, Xia Xuanyue did not know what horror Dugu Ge was referring to.

    "Why do you say that?" Xia Xuanyue walked up to Dugu Ge and asked curiously.

    "He has a special power," Dugu Ge said as he looked at John.

    "Special?" Xia Xuanyue did not understand what Dugu Ge meant by special.

    Many Essence Energy Arts, Essence Energy Skills, Pets, Life Providences, and Life Souls could be called special powers. This description was just too general.

    Dugu Ge said, "I entered a dimensional zone with Loser. In that dimensional zone, I found a black cocoon. Did he tell you about it?"

    "No, but I've heard of such cocoons. The six families have similar records. There will be similar cocoons in certain mysterious dimensional zones. However, there will be powerful Mythical creatures nearby. No one knows what's inside the cocoons. Most people have guessed that they might be the descendants of Mythical creatures," said Xia Xuanyue.

    "No, they are definitely not the descendants of ordinary Mythical creatures. Back then, Loser and I cracked a black cocoon and saw the creature inside. It was completely different from the Mythical creature that protected it. It was an even more terrifying existence," Dugu Ge said as his gaze landed on John. He said affirmatively, "There's a similar aura on John, but it's not quite the same."

    "What kind of creature is it? Why has my brother never mentioned it?" Xia Xuanyue asked.

    "I don't know. We originally thought that with our strength and Mythical pets, it wouldn't be difficult for us to take the black cocoon even if we couldn't defeat the Mythical creature guarding it. In the end, we used all our strength and only managed to crack open a tiny hole. We were nearly killed by the creature outside the black cocoon. As for the creature inside the black cocoon, it just waved its hand," Dugu Ge paused before continuing, "and Loser suffered serious injuries. You can say that we barely escaped death. He recuperated at my house for nearly six months before he recovered."

    "I remember now. A year ago, my brother went to the South District. He said that he would be traveling for a month or two, but he only came back after almost a year. It should be that time, right?" Xia Xuanyue paused for a moment before continuing, "Ever since he came back, my brother seems to have changed. He's checking up on documents every day as if he's researching something. He's acting mysteriously. When I ask him, he doesn't tell me what he's studying."

    "It was probably then. Anyone who has seen such a terrifying creature would not be indifferent. However, it was too dangerous. He probably didn't want you to worry and was afraid that you would stop him from going again. That's why he didn't tell you," said Dugu Ge.

    "You're saying that John has the aura of that kind of creature?" Xia Xuanyue looked at John with a strange expression.

    "Yes, but it's different. I'm not sure if it's the same aura," Dugu Ge said.

    "What are you talking about?" A voice came from behind. A long-haired man in a robe walked over.

    The man looked ordinary, but his eyes were exceptionally good-looking. They weren't considered big, nor were they double eyelids, but the contours were especially aesthetic.

    "Zhang Chunqiu, why are you willing to come out?" Dugu Ge looked at the man in surprise.

    Dugu Ge hadn't lost when he challenged the young scions of the six families years ago. However, there were also people who could fight him to a draw. Zhang Chunqiu was one of them.

    In that era, the geniuses of the six families were numerous. They were known as the Golden Generation. Perhaps that generation had used up all the luck of the six families, and with four to five years as a demarcation line, the number of outstanding people who were born after that was few and far between. When it came to John's generation, only Lance was outstanding, while the others were lacking.

    On the contrary, amazing geniuses outside of the six great family clans appeared.

    "The An family requested our Zhang family to bear witness, so I came." Zhang Chunqiu walked to Dugu Ge's side and sat down in the spectator stand.

    "Over such a small event, you came instead of Zhang Xiao?" Dugu Ge didn't believe it.

    "The world hasn't been peaceful recently, and the Fiend Tomb has been stirring. With the appearance of the black cubes, I feel like something big is about to happen, so I came out to take a look," Zhang Chunqiu said.

    "Something happened with the Fiend Tomb?" Dugu Ge and Xia Xuanyue were shocked.

    They knew that the Zhang family had been guarding the Fiend Tomb for years. Many generations of people had ended up being buried there, which was why the creatures in the Fiend Tomb were unable to cause trouble in the human world.

    If something really happened to the Fiend Tomb, the Zhang family would definitely be affected.

    "It's temporarily stabilized, so I can come out for a walk." Zhang Chunqiu's gaze landed on John, and his eyes narrowed slightly. "This John has something interesting about him."

    "You can tell, too?" Dugu Ge sat down beside Zhang Chunqiu.

    Xia Xuanyue also sat down. Compared to Zhang Chunqiu and Dugu Ge's generation, her talent and strength were not inferior. However, she lacked their experience.

    Years ago, there were very few Mythical Companion Eggs amongst the six families. It was unlike now where they could just give Xia Xuanyue a Mythical Companion Egg.

    Back then, if they wanted a Mythical Companion Egg, they had to take the risk in the dimensional zones. This resulted in a difference in experience.

    However, their generation was also the most tragic generation when it came to deaths. Very few managed to retrieve Mythical Creatures alive.

    "I just came to take a look since it's along the way. I didn't expect to see anything so interesting. However, his opponent is a little weak. I wonder if he can force that thing out," Zhang Chunqiu said.

    "Not necessarily. Although I don't know how terrifying that thing is, John's opponent is definitely not weak," Xia Xuanyue said.

    Zhang Chunqiu smiled. "Zhou Wen should be Wang Mingyuan's student, right? Speaking of which, I really wanted to meet Wang Mingyuan. Unfortunately, I missed the opportunity."

    Dugu Ge said, "To be able to defeat Lance, he can't be weak. However, he hasn't had much time to grow. I wonder how far he has progressed."

    As the trio spoke, Zhou Wen entered the venue. Everyone couldn't help but look over.