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Chapter 433 - Other Than Luck, I Also Have Instructor Tang

Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully!
     Chapter 433: Other Than Luck, I Also Have Instructor Tang

    He looked at the computer screen and saw that Jian Qi had already entered the database safely. Moreover, she was already searching for information to copy!

    Tang Jinyu raised his hand and looked at the time on his watch. “You have thirty seconds!”

    Jian Qi smiled wickedly. “Don’t worry, it’s enough!”

    She knew this thing too well. Even though her hacking skills weren’t at the top of the world, it was still easy for her to sneak in.

    After all, they used the anti-terrorism experiments during their training.

    Back then, the purpose of training day and night was to select some experts to protect the cybersecurity of the anti-terrorism team.

    It could only be said that she knew it very well. Moreover, she knew all the points of the system.

    At first, she was worried that the firewall would have been replaced. But clearly, it was not.

    Throughout the entire process, Jian Qi only used less than a minute to copy all of the information. She even managed to retreat and remove all traces of the invasion!

    She clicked on the last button and smiled. “Done!”

    She turned around and met Tang Jinyu’s probing gaze.

    Jian Qi was stunned for a moment. Then, she smiled and said narcissistically, “Is Instructor Tang attracted by what I did just now? Is your little fairy great?”

    Tang Jinyu stared at her coldly. Jian Qi felt goosebumps all over.

    Speaking of which, she tried her best to extend the time slightly. She was afraid that the moment she came up, it would end within a few seconds. It would be quite frightening!

    However, Tang Jinyu was still suspicious of her.

    Jian Qi knew that he was a sly fox, so she was worried.

    “Instructor Tang, should we take a look at this thing first?” Jian Qi smiled and changed the topic. “Of course, if you really want to see your little fairy, I can let you see her!”

    “You’re fast!” Tang Jinyu said coldly.

    “I’m a professional!” Jian Qi smiled brightly.

    How could she not know what he meant?

    Even though she hid her speed, Tang Jinyu was still suspicious of her.

    Jian Qi couldn’t help but feel depressed.

    She was such a pure and innocent girl. The look in his eyes was terrifying!

    “You’re indeed quite professional!”

    Tang Jinyu looked at her with a faint smile. “From the beginning to the end, you were able to sneak in without any problems. Those who don’t know would think that you were the one who designed the anti-terrorist program!”

    His words stunned Jian Qi.

    This person had great eyesight!

    She was most afraid of meeting her peers in the same industry. Moreover, they were more powerful than her!

    It was really awkward!

    “This might be because I’m smart. Moreover, God has always favored me. It’s just like how I met you, Instructor Tang!”

    Jian Qi smiled. She was narcissistic, but she didn’t forget to praise him.

    Tang Jinyu scoffed softly. “Jian Qi, if you don’t have the ability, you won’t be able to walk long with your luck alone!”

    “I’m definitely an exception. After all, apart from luck, I have Instructor Tang!”

    Jian Qi smiled and flattered Tang Jinyu while confessing to him.