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Chapter 47

Plague Doctor
     Chapter 47: Banana, a Collection of Techniques

    September 2nd, Wednesday, Morning 06:25 am

    Gu Jun woke up as usual. As his eyes slowly opened, the system menu was summoned habitually, showing him the mission log for the day. Every day, the mission log refreshed. The new missions were shown on the screen.

    [NORMAL Mission: By today, complete 1 surgery. Mission Rewards, 1 box of Human Anti-inflammatory Medicine.

    DIFFICULT Mission: Within 1 day, complete a dissection on an irregular species' body part. Mission Rewards, 1 Incomplete Anatomical Reference Piece.

    Abyssal Mission: Within 1 week, complete the dissection of 1 Deep One. Mission Rewards, Unknown]

    "Deep One?" Gu Jun muttered as he turned lazily on his bed. After the ghoul and bhole, another irregular species appeared. At this moment, he fully believed that irregular species were real and they were somewhere on this planet.

    Looking at the system screen, he drifted in his thoughts.

    Deep one? Is it a marine creature? Able to dive down deep into the ocean? Could it be related to the Longkan Seafloor Volcanic Belt?


    For now, there were no answers to these. Scanning through the NORMAL and DIFFICULT missions, it felt as if they were a perfect match made in heaven.

    Long before, he had realised this smart and adaptive feature of the system. It seemed as if it was affected by his consciousness, carefully setting the missions to meet his current needs. For example, it would not request for the intravenous injection practice now.

    The rewards for the DIFFICULT Mission is another Incomplete Anatomical Reference Piece…

    Needless to say, Gu Jun would die to get his hands on it. This was not just an anatomical reference, it was another chance to enter the visions again.

    Alas, the dissection training had ended a few days ago. Other than theory classes, the things Gu Jun had on hand the most were malformed human parts. The chances of dissecting another irregular species were extremely slim. Perhaps, the number of irregular species specimens within Pedca was not so huge that they could pump it out like water for training purposes. For today, there were no chances of completing a DIFFICULT mission. However, the chances of him finishing the NORMAL mission was high. After all, today marked the first lesson in the 2nd half of his surgical training course.

    The mission did not specify that the surgery had to be done on a human, which possibly meant that operation on a lab animal would qualify as well.

    What's more, the mission reward was…

    1 box of Human Anti-inflammatory Medicine? This was the first time that the reward for a NORMAL mission was something other than the targeted therapy medicine. Could it be that my condition has already improved?

    As that thought sprouted in Gu Jun's mind, a feeling of euphoria followed. Looking back, he had only consumed Targeted Therapy Medicine for 26 days, not even a whole month.

    Whatever, I still have more than a month's worth of Targeted Therapy Medicine anyway.

    As for Human Anti-inflammatory Medicine…

    Different medicine was bound to have unique packaging and different descriptions! While packages are a pain…

    Gu Jun steeled his resolve, he would get that medicine at all cost!

    He got out of his bead and washed up. As soon as he opened the bedroom door, a delectable scent of porridge wafted from the kitchen and gave his spirit a mega boost.

    Cai Zixuan had successfully won the title "Porridge God" from everyone. Not only did Brother Ma and Sun Yuheng come over without fail every morning to eat porridge, but the three girls, Wang Ruoxiang, Jiang Banxia, and Zhou Yi also came. In Phecda, a bizarre rule existed. Their male employees were prohibited from entering female dormitories, yet the female employees could enter male rooms.

    Half an hour later at 6:45, the hall of this unit was brimming with vitality and chatters. Everyone was chatting while slurping on the sumptuous porridge.

    "Haha, Gu Jun did this?" Wang Ruoxiang suddenly picked up a banana on the coffee table and asked, "Gu Jun, how did it offend you? Why did you cut so viciously and then stitch it up before giving it another thousand knife cuts?"

    Of course, Wang Ruoxiang was joking.

    Sutures were lined tightly like sardines on that banana; row after row of catgut which gave the banana a peculiar touch of modernism.

    However, every person gathered in this room was a medical slave. Having dedicated their lives to this study, they could tell the mind-blowing technical expertise on it. Every stitch and knot was neat and precise. Not only that, several techniques of sutures were also used and executed impeccably. This banana could even be called the textbook and collection of surgical methods.

    Even the research team and errands team members, Ma Jiahua, Yang Ming, and the other 2 could tell how much technique it would demand for a person to replicate this banana.

    Being from the clinical team as well, Jiang Banxia's eyes widened 3 sizes, her cheeks were flushed with amazement. By her side, Sun Yuheng felt waves of panic and distress crashing inside as his brows furrowed.

    After this half a month's training, Gu Jun's technique had skyrocketed. Right now, he was almost on par with Brother Qiang. At this rate, the others would never have a chance to catch up with this genius.

    "This banana is just a child's play for him." Cai Zixuan laughed very proudly. "Last night, Tycoon Jun had even taken peanuts as specimens for practice. Most remarkably, the skin of the peanut did not even fall off!"

    The eyes of the stupefied crowd rolled and glanced towards small peanuts into their pork and peanut porridge.

    He practised on this stuff?

    Gu Jun smiled while relaxing on the sofa, as he glanced at his speechless friends.

    Recently, he began his studies on mental health and psychology. He used the people around him to practice his observations. Just like now, he could evidently see Sun Yuheng's stress and panic, Jiang Banxia's amazement, Cai Zixuan's pride, and the thoughts of Wang Ruoxiang.

    Towards the same banana, a lot different emotions were evoked. While we could trace their feelings, there were still countless possible types of emotions happening. Gu Jun had to be more familiar with the kind of emotions and also about mental health and psychology before he could accurately grasp the state of a person's mind.

    Regardless of his appointment in the future, Gu Jun felt that a secure grip on human psychology would not be a bad thing.

    "Gu Jun, your eyes are very wicked." Wang Ruoxiang turned to look at Gu Jun, feeling slightly perplexed. "Why do I feel as if you are looking at us as lab rats?"

    This man, Gu Jun, she could never properly get hold of him; be it as a person or his thoughts.

    "No, I'm not! I just feel very smug. HAHA!" Gu Jun immediately hid his inspecting gaze behind a broad smile.

    Gosh, class monitor. Why can't you just leave those damned mice behind?

    Other than Wang Ruoxiang, everyone burst into a peal of laughter. No one suspected his words. He had every right to be smug about his breakneck improvement.

    "Oh, is that so?" Wang Ruoxiang still felt a little unconvinced.

    Just what is Tycoon Jun planning?

    When the group had licked their bowls clean, it was already 07:30am. They left on the fixed route to the training centre together. They did not even have a chance to stray from the road. The moment their eyes swept out of the allowed region, the employees gave them an ice-cold stare to scare them.

    When they reached the training center, they separated in their own ways.

    For the first time in almost ten days, Gu Jun arrived with the others to the surgical classroom on the 2nd floor. Another 6 students had gathered inside the room. The students taking part in today's practice had totalled to 11 students.

    "Good morning, everyone!" The trainer was still Zhou Jiaqiang. Brother Qiang looked at them eagerly, and Gu Jun was the one who was under his gaze the most. "I hope you all have diligently practised these days. From today on, we will not simulate surgery. It will be practical! I hope you guys can give me some surprises. Well, let's go to the laboratory animal room to catch some specimens."

    Without delay, the group of students followed Brother Qiang out of the training room and took the elevator to the fifth floor. For the first time, they all came to the fifth floor.

    With the ding of the elevator, the elevator doors slowly opened. Even before they stepped out, the menacing sounds of strange beasts roaring outside echoed within their ears…

    The sounds brought a realisation onto everyone. With shocked eyes, they looked at each other and raised their brows!

    "Let's go." Despite that, Brother Qiang still smiled eagerly and strode out of the elevator. "Come with me. I will take you to catch animals."