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Chapter 365 - The Final Group

The Queen of Everything
     Yu Shuran lowered her eyes and fiddled with her fingers.

    Su Cha ignored her and returned to her room.

    After the Top 20 competition ended, Su Cha was the only one left from Yonggu City.

    Mona was also eliminated.

    Her being in the same category as Ka Lian was the most unlucky, especially when Mona was not as capable as Ka Lian.

    There were fewer and fewer contestants in the villa.

    It had been almost a month since Su Cha entered the Imperial Capital.

    She directly entered the acting department of the Imperial Capital University without having to participate in the Arts examination.

    After all, she'd already got in through her grades.

    In fact, going by her ambition, she should have signed up for a music college or something.

    But she thought about it and felt that she could not go to just any music school. She might as well go to the Imperial Capital University, the top school in the country.

    At least here she could learn more, even if she was in the acting department.

    The interview time given to her by Dai Xiaofu was almost up. Now that she was applying for the acting department, she might really become better-suited to this path in the future.

    Su Cha felt that she should have great confidence in costume dramas set in ancient times.

    After the competition ended, the eight contestants who were about to leave started packing their luggage. The atmosphere in the villa that night was quite sad. Some contestants had developed friendships in a short time. Regardless of whether they were genuinely sad or not, at least the eight who were eliminated felt sad.

    Everyone gathered and had their last meal together.

    Su Cha was also with them. It was not a good time to be independent.

    Of course, when she ate, she was focused on eating. She was not like other girls who needed to keep their mouths shut or maintain their figure to not eat too much. Most of the time, the others were talking and showing their sadness.

    The table was huge. Twenty-eight contestants were sitting together. It was not ten o'clock yet, and the live broadcast was ongoing.

    The audience was not interested in watching others eat and drink. After all, this group of contestants did not dare to eat too much. They did not seem to have any appetite, and the atmosphere was very oppressive.

    However, there were always exceptions.

    [Sometimes, I wonder what's wrong with Su Cha? She seems to be eating happily alone…]

    [Su Cha really makes me happy. ROFL, I believe that a woman who likes to watch Ultraman will not have a bad heart.]

    [She's eating a lot better. That big meat bun, I think the other contestants did not eat one. She ate three by herself… Does she want to f*ck the character of a foodie?]

    [What a foodie character setup. Actually, she doesn't eat a lot, just comparatively more compared to normal people. Besides, she really eats it. After she eats every day, she stays in front of the screen to watch Ultraman. To other commenters, don't be so disgusting as to speculate what kind of character setups others need to use.]

    [The other contestants are so sad at this time. I can't tell whether Su Cha likes other contestants or not. I don't see anyone talking to her at the dining table.]

    [I can tell from this gathering that Su Cha's social relations are really bad. There must be something wrong with her. Otherwise, why would the poisoner target her?]

    [F*ck, this is too much. She is a victim, okay? Poison is poison!! How dare she say that there is something wrong with her? Is the victim guilty?]

    [After Jin Mou left, Su Cha did not form a good relationship with anyone else. But if I were her, I would not want to get close to these people…]

    [It's really… Sigh, it's strange that people are unpredictable.]