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Chapter 434 - Jian Qi, What’s Your Relationship With the Anti-Terrorists?

Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully!
     Chapter 434: Jian Qi, What’s Your Relationship With the Anti-Terrorists?

    Tang Jinyu looked at her in silence. The girl appeared rather calm. From the beginning to the end, she was only teasing him.

    This meant that there was something wrong with her!

    There were too many coincidences, and all of them proved that these were not coincidences. They were all related!

    It seemed like the anti-terrorism team had something to do with her.

    Jian Qi felt goosebumps when Tang Jinyu stared at her like that.

    It was as if he had seen through her!

    It was terrifying!

    Jian Qi looked at him and smiled. “Instructor Tang, why are you looking at your little fairy so lovingly? Do you want to kiss me?”


    The girl’s playful tone sounded rather annoying.

    Tang Jinyu’s eyes darkened.

    Perhaps, he was wrong from the beginning!

    She should give it a try and see if it would be easier for her to locate the anti-terrorism team.

    However, Tang Jinyu did not understand why Jian Qi did not leave the country much after looking through the information he had found. She had always been acting in the country.

    Even traveling was rare!

    Her identity did not match up to the anti-terrorists at all!

    In the past, she was gentle, but now, she was arrogant and unruly. It was all because of the changes that happened that night!

    After the change, most of her reactions were related to the anti-terrorism team.

    Tang Jinyu seemed to have thought of something and grabbed her chin.

    Jian Qi’s smile froze.


    Was he really going to kiss her?

    Realizing her reaction, Jian Qi quickly returned to normal. She closed her eyes and lifted her chin slightly. Then, she pouted at Tang Jinyu.

    Tang Jinyu ignored her. He pinched her chin and turned her head to the side. Then, he reached out and touched her cheek.

    Jian Qi closed her eyes and was about to complain that Tang Jinyu was being unromantic when she felt his fingertips touch her cheek. She was shocked.

    Was Tang Jinyu suspecting her?

    No, it wasn’t suspicion. He was sure that there was something wrong with her!

    Otherwise, he wouldn’t have done such a thing!

    What a thoughtful person!

    Jian Qi was glad that she had her eyes closed right now. If not, Tang Jinyu would surely have discovered her problem.

    But now, he was sure that there was something wrong with her!

    Jian Qi smiled and opened her eyes. “Instructor Tang, why are you touching my ear? If you want to touch something, just touch my delicate face!”

    Then, Jian Qi grabbed Tang Jinyu’s hand and pressed it against her face.

    She turned around and looked at Tang Jinyu. She winked at him and smiled. “Are you conquered by your little fairy’s beauty?”

    Tang Jinyu held her face and stared straight into her smiling eyes. There was no emotion on his face.

    “Jian Qi, what’s your relationship with the anti-terrorists?”

    Tang Jinyu asked directly.

    Jian Qi’s heart skipped a beat.

    He was indeed suspicious!

    Perhaps, his suspicions were deeper than what she had imagined!

    “How am I related to the anti-terrorism team?” Jian Qi smiled. “I don’t want to have anything to do with them. I want to have something to do with Instructor Tang the most!”

    Jian Qi winked at Tang Jinyu. “Instructor Tang, what do you think? Do you want to marry me?”