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Chapter 533 - Mythical Power

Let Me Game in Peace
     Chapter 533 Mythical PowerJohn opened his arms as though he was hugging the sky. The six-winged seraphim transformed into feathers that flew towards his body, turning into an angel armor that enveloped John's body.

    However, that angelic armor seemed to grow on John's body and had already become a part of him. The six wings of the seraphim angel unfurled behind him, exuding a holy glow. Together with the holy armor and his handsome face, he really looked like a god.

    Everyone's eyes were focused on John. Even a blind man could sense the terrifying energy fluctuations emanating from him.

    "Is that the creature inside the cocoon? It doesn't look like a Companion Beast, but it seems different from ordinary dimensional creatures." Xia Xuanyue frowned as she pondered.

    Dugu Ge and Zhang Chunqiu looked at John without saying a word, but the look in their eyes was a little strange.

    An Sheng looked at Zhou Wen worriedly. John's situation was indeed a little odd. He wasn't sure if Zhou Wen could handle it.

    An Tianzuo looked at the surveillance footage on his phone and frowned.

    The six angelic wings on John's back flapped slightly as his body floated in midair. He looked coldly at Zhou Wen and said, "Zhou Wen, I'll tell you now what the difference between a god and a human is."

    With that said, John extended his hand and aimed his palm at Zhou Wen.

    John shot out a beam of light from his palm. It was unbelievably fast, as though it was holy light that could destroy everything.


    The entire arena exploded like a volcanic eruption. The protective shield shattered and the arena shook.

    "Mythical power," Dugu Ge said with a serious expression.

    "It's indeed power at the Mythical stage." Zhang Chunqiu nodded slightly.

    Xia Xuanyue had had a Mythical Companion Beast before and knew that John's strike was definitely at the Mythical stage. She couldn't help but be alarmed.

    The strength at the Mythical stage wasn't new, but typically speaking, it was released from a Mythical Companion Beast. However, John released the strike himself; it wasn't a Companion Beast's strength.

    There was a huge difference. No matter how powerful a Companion Beast was, it was only a tool. It was like a firearm. The person who used the firearm didn't become stronger.

    But now, John displayed strength that showed that he had become much stronger. Not only did he improve his destructive power, but his physical constitution had also increased to another level.

    The explosion dimmed and everyone immediately realized that Zhou Wen hadn't been injured by the terrifying force. A gigantic white six-winged dragon appeared in front of him. It was the dragon that had blocked John's attack.

    "Six-Winged Guardian Dragon? So that's Zhou Wen's Companion Beast!" Dugu Ge said in surprise.

    Xia Xuanyue and Zhang Chunqiu were somewhat surprised. They never expected the first Mythical Companion Beast on the ranking to belong to Zhou Wen. They originally imagined that it belonged to a local bigwig.

    Inside Chess Mountain, The Thearch saw Zhou Wen's Six-Winged Guardian Dragon through the video on her phone. She curled her lips and said, "Isn't it a little too naive to use a Six-Winged Guardian Dragon to fight a Guardian?"

    John looked at the Six-Winged Guardian Dragon and said coldly, "So that Six-Winged Guardian Dragon belongs to you. Unfortunately, even if you have a powerful Mythical pet, it's impossible to change the fate of defeat."

    With that said, John made the sign of the cross on the front of his chest. The six wings on his back glowed brightly as terrifying energy fluctuations condensed once again, bursting forth with even more terrifying light waves than before.

    The Six-Winged Guardian Dragon roared as the sanctified body burst forth with a blazing-white flame, colliding with John's beam.


    The two forces collided and exploded. The Six-Winged Guardian Dragon's huge body tore open a deep ditch on the ground. It retreated more than ten meters before finally stopping.

    The Six-Winged Guardian Dragon roared angrily. It flapped its six wings and charged towards John.

    John's expression did not change, but his body disappeared as if he had teleported. When he reappeared, he was already in front of the Six-Winged Guardian Dragon. Using terrifying holy light, his fist struck the Six-Winged Guardian Dragon's chin.

    The massive body of the Six-Winged Guardian Dragon was thrown in the air by the uppercut.

    John's figure flashed again and he arrived in front of the Six-Winged Dragon that was rising up like a ray of light. He punched out expressionlessly, causing the Six-Winged Guardian Dragon to sway left and right. Dragon blood spewed wildly from its mouth, and finally, John punched its head and sent it flying.


    The Six-Winged Guardian Dragon crashed into the spectator stands, causing half of the arena to collapse.

    The thing An Sheng was worried about happened in the end. Even the Six-Winged Guardian Dragon couldn't match John. John, who was floating in the air, was now like a saint that had descended upon the world to represent God.

    "What are your thoughts on this?" Dugu Ge asked Zhang Chunqiu.

    "Very strong, but it's still within the scope of a Mythical stage," Zhang Chunqiu said after some thought.

    Dugu Ge nodded in agreement before saying, "Unfortunately, Zhou Wen's Mythical Companion Beast has been defeated. He shouldn't be able to continue fighting. It will be difficult for him to force out the full strength of that thing."

    "It's indeed a pity." Zhang Chunqiu also felt that the duel would come to an end.

    "I don't think Zhou Wen will admit defeat so easily," Xia Xuanyue suddenly said.

    "Although that Six-Winged Guardian Dragon still has the ability to fight, there's no point in continuing the battle. It will ultimately lose," Dugu Ge said.

    He was mistaken. Xia Xuanyue's comment about Zhou Wen not admitting defeat wasn't because the Six-Winged Guardian Dragon still had the ability to do combat. She was referring to Zhou Wen himself.

    However, Xia Xuanyue knew that there was no point in explaining, so she decided not to say anything, and continued watching patiently.

    "Zhou Wen, do you now know the difference between a god and a human? Even if you can advance to the Epic stage and possess a Mythical pet, you are still an ant in front of God." John wasn't in a hurry to cripple Zhou Wen. He wanted Zhou Wen to completely collapse in despair.

    The Six-Winged Guardian Dragon crawled up from the collapsed pit and roared as it charged forward. However, Zhou Wen extended his hand and beckoned for it. The Six-Winged Guardian Dragon transformed into six Holy Flaming Dragon Wings that appeared behind him.

    Although the Six-Winged Guardian Dragon still had the ability to fight, its Strength, Speed, and other aspects were inferior to John's. There was no point in continuing the battle.

    "I don't see a god. I only see a lunatic with greater strength," Zhou Wen said indifferently as he looked at John.

    His words made Dugu Ge laugh. "This Zhou Wen is rather interesting. I'm beginning to like him."

    Zhang Chunqiu also said with a smile, "He's right. John's strength has only reached the peak of a divine level, but his realm and technique haven't reached that stage. It's indeed a little too arrogant to say that he's God. However, sometimes, when the difference in strength reaches a certain level, even if the opponent is stupid, it's still very difficult to win."