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Chapter 414 - Robbery

Can't Take My Eyes Off You
     Chapter 414: Robbery

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    “How should I know?” Zhou Weiqi scratched his head agitatedly. “Zhang Lanxiang’s father is an ordinary factory worker; her mother is a hawker. It is obvious that she is taking advantage of Zhou Ning to meet rich people.”

    Zhou Weiqi paused briefly and shuddered at the thought of Zhang Lanxiang. It was obvious he hated her very much.

    “Like what you said, how could she not know my situation? I was puzzled, why would an ambitious woman like her have eyes for me? Anyway, it seemed that she was not happy with the arrangement as well. I did not go back after that and that’s the last I heard from the evil lady.”

    Jiang Yao knew earlier on that Zhou Weiqi was not valued in his family, although she did not know the exact details of it. It seemed like Zhou Weiqi had a dominant stepmother, and a despicable half-sister, who was always trying to one-up him.

    She was listening in on the conversation but allowed her attention to wander as she did not know anything about the Zhou family. She held on to Lu Xingzhi and they both sat down on a stone bench, observing the passersby going on about their life.

    Suddenly, a piercing scream tore through the air from afar.

    Jiang Yao instinctively slowed her breathing and listened closely. There it was! Someone was screaming for help nearby!