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Chapter 366 - I Am Sad That You Were Eliminated

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 366: I Am Sad That You Were Eliminated

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    Regardless of the comments, Su Cha ate happily.

    She picked a few dishes that she could eat and dug in. Halfway through, Mona suddenly came over with a glass of fruit juice. She looked at Su Cha and toasted her, “Su Cha, we’re depending on you now. You have to work hard.”

    As she spoke, her eyes seemed to be glistening with tears.

    She did not know what this woman was up to, but Su Cha would not publicly embarrass her during the live broadcast.

    Hearing this, she stood up and returned a toast to Mona with her juice. “Thank you. I know, I will work hard.”

    Mona almost choked.

    Su Cha took a big sip of the juice and looked at Mona. “I’m very sad that you were eliminated, really.”

    Mona: “…”

    Then, Su Cha sat down and continued eating.

    [Hahahahahahaha, I think Mona is a little upset…]

    [What the hell, why is Su Cha so rude?]

    [I’m dying of laughter. She was not eliminated by Su Cha, so there’s nothing wrong with Su Cha’s answer, is there?]

    [I’ve always felt that Su Cha did not like Mona…]

    [Monat is so fake. I’ve been following the live broadcast for so long, but I’ve never seen her interact with Su Cha before. Didn’t she come to talk to her only after she’s been eliminated? Their relationship is so bad, but Su Cha was being polite.]

    Mona’s lips twitched. She had wanted to say something but could not say it out loud. She could only bring the cup back to her seat sulkily.

    She did not dare to say anything harsh to Su Cha, or anything else. When she fed Su Cha poison last time, it was enough to cast a shadow on her.

    At the dining table, Ka Lian, who came back from being overseas, had a bad temper. She hated evil and hated Su Cha’s pretentious appearance, and if it were someone else, she would have said something. But right now, she dared not say a word in front of Su Cha.

    The meal was depressing. After Su Cha finished eating, she went back to her room and continued watching Ultraman.

    She was going to end the series soon.


    After the Top 20 competition was over, they would then be reduced to the Top 15.

    During the competition from the national top 30 to the top 20, the progress of the live broadcast had been comparable to recorded shows in any television station.

    After all, it had to be kept secret who had been eliminated. The live broadcast could not be broadcasted.

    Hence, the live broadcast had had to make adjustments. The production crew had asked the contestants to interact with their fans directly. After editing, the live mode would be released onto the official website.

    Compared to the previous episode, the viewership ratings for this episode had improved once again.

    The reputation of the established show  started to rise once more.

    As there were fewer and fewer contestants, the remaining contestants finally started to attract attention. Some of them were now more invested than they used to be.

    After all, the more people there were, the more unhappy the audience would be. Only when there were fewer people would they be interested.

    Although the Top 20 had already come out, many people were still just starting to pay attention to the Top 30.

    Among them, Su Cha’s popularity had improved significantly. Since the last time, her number of followers on Weibo had reached almost 500,000.

    The speed at which she attracted fans was frightening. What was even more shocking was that Su Cha did not like to interact with fans.