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Chapter 23

Rebirth: Divine Doctor, Sweet Wife
     Chapter 23: Tell You A Secret, Father

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    Grandfather Gu was very helpless over his landlord background: He did not have any achievements and even implicated his descendants. Being wronged did not matter as all he wished for was the safety of his whole family.

    Zhang Xiaohui was a vile character and in this generation, it was better to offend a nobleman than a vile character.

    The Gu family owned properties but had never dared to bring it out openly. The Gu family could still bear the cost of the things that Zhang Xiaohui took away thus Gu Chonghua had been tolerating it all this time.

    Gu Qingyao's heart ached a little as she looked at the old man who clearly had been through many hardships. "Grandfather, don't worry. I know my limits. The people in the Qing River Brigade are pretty nice and are not so unreasonable. Don't worry."

    Gu Yunshen hurriedly added on, "Father, don't worry. I will settle our family affairs properly. Rest assured!"

    Gu Chonghua sighed once again and led Wen Ruyu away to wash up.

    Gu Qingyao puckered her lips and looked at her father.


    Despite reaching the middle age, Gu Yunshen's educated appearance was still very strong and his demeanor was especially composed. He was like those pleasant gentlemen with outstanding looks. Grandmother and Grandfather were very good-looking when they were young too and naturally Gu Yunshen was not too bad himself.

    In Gu Qingyao's eyes, if her father was judged using the standards of the later generation, he would be a gentle, refined and handsome middle-aged uncle.

    It was a pity that he fell for a scheme by someone like Zhang Xiaohui back then. Sigh…

    "Father, go wash up first. I have a big thing to tell you later."

    Gu Yunshen raised his brow. "What big thing!"

    "You'll know later!"

    Gu Yunshen had always doted on this daughter of his. Since that was what she said, Gu Yunshen did not ask further and she only looked for him after he was done washing up.

    After verifying that there was no one else in the courtyard and that both her grandparents had gone out, Gu Qingyao closed the door and looked at Gu Yunshen. "Father, what I'm going to say is a little unbelievable but no matter what, these things that I make are all real. Don't be surprised and don't tell anyone. Stay calm!"

    Gu Yunshen's curiosity was piqued when he saw his daughter's behavior. "What is it?"

    Gu Qingyao stretched her hand out in front of him. Her palm was completely empty.

    Then, a big meat bun suddenly appeared right before Gu Yunshen's eyes.

    The white and tender bun was aromatic and even emitting steam.

    Gu Yunshen widened his eyes at the bun in his daughter's hand. Doubting that it was a trick on his eye, he carefully touched it only to find out that it was truly a meat bun! A soft and hot meat bun!

    Disbelief overwhelmed him. "Uh… Qingyao, what's going on?"

    Gu Qingyao laughed. "Father, I obtained a treasure by chance. I think that the Heavens wish to compensate our family by giving me this treasure as they think that the Gu family has always been benefiting others and even donated so many properties but ended up this way now."

    "This treasure is a portable interspace. There is a lot of supplies inside including food and cloth. Anyway, there's plenty of living essentials. With this, our family will not need to suffer in the future anymore!"


    Gu Yunshen was immensely shocked. "Interspace?"

    "Yep!" Gu Qingyao said and the bun in her hand disappeared, stunning Gu Yunshen.

    Soon after, a plate of fragrant roast chicken appeared in Gu Qingyao's hand and Gu Yunshen's eyes popped wide once again. Then, Gu Qingyao kept it and made a basket of piping hot Shanghai Soup Dumplings appear.