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Chapter 24

Rebirth: Divine Doctor, Sweet Wife
     Chapter 24: My Interspace Has Several Million Kilograms of Food


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    Gu Yunshen felt that he could not blink his eyes as he stared right at his daughter's hands.

    Gu Qingyao chuckled and took out a bun to eat. The bun was aromatic, soft and stuffed with a lot of fillings. One look at it and anyone knew that it was very delicious.

    "Try one, Father. This is real. Bring a few more for Grandfather and Grandmother later. We don't need to starve anymore in the future. But you must be careful and not let any outsider find out."

    Looking at his daughter's indulgent expression as she ate, Gu Yunshen hurriedly took one bun as well. The feeling of a real bun in hand was simply unbelievable!

    After taking a bite… Mhm… It was indeed a meat bun that was even made with pure white flour.

    Gu Yunshen was a man of this generation and was used to scrimping on food. He was unwilling to eat anymore after eating some food to curb the hunger. They never ate in the morning unless it was the busy farming season.


    Gu Qingyao laughed. "Father, eat a few more and have your fill. I'll just make buns when you feel like eating them. I have hundreds of thousand kilograms of flour in my interspace!"


    Gu Yunshen was stunned!

    Hundreds… of thousand kilograms of flour?

    "So much?"

    Gu Qingyao replied, "Mhm… This is only flour. I still have even more rice, cornflour and whatnot. There are several million kilograms of supplies in total. Enough for our family to eat well for a few lifetimes."

    Gu Yunshen: …

    He did not hold himself back this time; he ate ferociously, consuming six buns in one breath before stopping in satisfaction.

    Gu Qingyao was full from three buns and she told Gu Yunshen, "Father, you're going to pick herbs later, right? Don't leave so quickly. I'll make some food for you to bring along and some buns to give grandfather and grandmother. It's not good for the body to skip breakfast all the time. You are in charge of covering up for me in the future, Father."

    Gu Yunshen chuckled. "Sure!"

    His daughter was simply a lucky girl!

    "Yao Yao, you have very good luck. You'll definitely have a great future ahead of you."

    Gu Yunshen did not leave and instead went to the cowshed to help the two old people while also bringing four meat buns over for them. Bringing too many would be too conspicuous and might risk being seen by people.

    Gu Qingyao remained at home and washed the radish sprouts that Grandmother picked yesterday.

    Radishes were planted by scattering the seeds thus the sprouts that grew were very condensed together. Such radishes would not grow any further thus the packed places had to be separated apart.

    The radish leaves were edible and farmers could not bear to throw it away. These leaves were similar to pickles and even a little tastier. During winter, farmers mostly ate vegetables like these.

    Grandmother picked two whole baskets of radishes yesterday. After washing all of them, Gu Qingyao brought them to the kitchen to cut. Then, she placed them in a pot, added salt and mixed it evenly.

    She made two whole pots of radish leaves and placed them aside.

    It was then when Gu Qingyao saw the prey that her father tidied up the day before. When she spotted the wild chicken and rabbit, she thought of Mo Beihan immediately and smiled. Then, she used a string to secure the little wild chicken she caught and laid it down to air dry. Additionally, she chopped off the head of the big fish that was bought from the non-staple food store to make soup for the family and put the fish's body to air-dry as well.

    As for the wild chicken and rabbit that Mo Beihan gave, she would save it. Brother Beihan gave her these to eat and she naturally had to save it.


    After finishing all the preparations, the sun was already high up in the sky. It was about nine in the morning and Gu Qingyao began making lunch.

    She said that she would not give Gu Ruoqing lunch and she meant it. Gu Ruoqing always lazed around and went out to play, only coming back when it was lunchtime. Today, she would prepare lunch early and deal with Gu Ruoqing after lunch.