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Chapter 40

Rebirth: Divine Doctor, Sweet Wife
     Chapter 40: Riding A Bicycle Was Like Being In His Arms!

    Actually, she did not have much to prepare. She simply tidied herself.

    In these times, young girls wore their hair in two plaits. After marriage, they wore it in a single large braid. Gu Qingyao was only 15 years old, so she wore her hair in two braids, plaited at her ears. She carefully combed her hair and braided it.

    Then she put on a clean set of clothes, grabbed her coat and a small, olive green bag.

    Mo Beihan had given her this bag. If she looked at it with the eyes of her reborn self, it was rather unsophisticated. But now, it was considered to be very fashionable.

    Her bag had been the envy of many young girls in the brigade!

    Gu Ruoqing, in particular, had been hungrily eyeing this bag for a long time.

    Thinking about it made Gu Qingyao want to laugh.

    Gu Qingyao left after tidying herself. She noticed that the lights in her grandparent's room were on. They had already woken up, but Zhang Xiaohui and Gu Ruoqing's room was still pitch dark.


    Gu Qingyao was used to it.

    She went to Gu Yunshen's room. "Father, I'll be going to town with Brother Beihan later. Here is breakfast for you, Grandfather and Grandma."

    Gu Qingyao took out meat buns and boiled eggs, but Gu Yunshen refused them. "No need. Leave the boiled eggs, but bring the buns with you! Their smell is too strong. Also, we don't need to eat food like this every day. We still have to eat the coarse grain."

    Gu Qingyao smiled. "Father, I know, but I don't want to see you suffer! Grandfather and Grandma are so old, but have no better food to eat. You don't need to worry about that mother and daughter duo finding out. They won't get up until the sun is high in the sky."

    Gu Yunshen did not say anything.

    Gu Qingyao offered the food again. "If there's good food, why not eat it?"

    Gu Yunshen agreed after some thought, so he quickly washed up and returned to eat the food. Then he went to the next room and asked the older folks to quickly brush their teeth and eat.

    Mo Beihan arrived and knocked on the door. When Gu Qingyao heard the sound, she left after telling Gu Yunshen.

    Mo Beihan was in the courtyard, astride an old-fashioned Phoenix brand bicycle. He wore ordinary black clothes. A basket that was meant to be carried on the back was placed on the back of the bicycle, covered by a cloth. But Gu Qingyao knew that it was full of goods.

    When Mo Beihan saw his girl emerge, carrying the bag he had given her, his smile deepened. "Come on! Let's go! If we leave now, we will reach the town at daybreak."

    Mo Beihan mounted the bicycle and braced it with his legs. "Get up!"

    The back of the bicycle was occupied by the basket, so she had no choice but… to sit in front.

    This type of bicycle had a front crossbar, and someone could sit in front.

    Gu Qingyao glanced at him. There was even a cushion tied to the crossbar, to soften the seat.

    She smiled and obediently got on.

    Mo Beihan's heart was filled with tenderness as he pedaled towards the town.

    The sun had not yet risen, but the moonlight was very bright. They could see the road as they cycled. Above them was the bright moon and the starry sky. As Mo Beihan cycled along the narrow village tracks, the young girl sitting on the bicycle felt as if she was in his embrace!

    In their previous life, they had traveled throughout the country for many years. His deepest desire was for this young girl not to suffer any hurt. But the power of gossip had been unstoppable.

    She was a young girl who had grown up under the doting care of her father, and did not have many life experiences. Yet she was suddenly despised by everyone. This, together with the terror that she experienced that night, meant that she would definitely bear internal scars.

    It was not that she did not like him, but that she did not have the courage to marry him. She did not have the courage to face the derision and the mocking.

    In this life, all this had not happened. The young girl in his arms could grow up in peace. What a wonderful feeling!