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Chapter 42

Rebirth: Divine Doctor, Sweet Wife
     Chapter 42: The Rewards Of A Bountiful Harvest

    Mo Beihan had already estimated the worth of his items, and knew this fellow's ability. He knew that Chen Jin would reap many benefits in exchange for these items.

    So he said, "Ten kilograms of rye flour, five kilograms of white flour, five kilograms of white rice, ten kilograms of cornflour, and three hundred dollars. Also, a few vintage items."

    Chen Jin thought for a while. He had many connections. With these items in hand, he could find various people who would barter for them. So he would still make a substantial profit from this exchange.

    Chen Jin immediately smiled and said, "Elder Brother, you certainly get straight to the point. Alright, I'll get them for you!"

    He quickly packed the grain in cloth sacks and handed 300 dollars to Mo Beihan. Then he went to fetch the vintage items.

    Gu Qingyao looked on from the sidelines, and recalled the circumstances of that era.

    It was the seventies, and although things were slightly better than in the time of the Great Famine, their province had been poor, and resources had been scarcer.

    So the price of grain in the black market had been extremely high. Sometimes, they were not even available even if one could afford it.


    During the three years of hard times, the price of coarse grain in the black market was approximately 5 dollars a kilogram. Fine grain was more expensive, and meat was even more so. At its most expensive, pork had cost 20 dollars a kilogram. The prices were sky-high!

    But those were the prices during the three years of hard times and were confined to the black market.

    Now, it was the seventies, and things were slightly better. But black market prices were still shocking, and food was still the most valuable item.

    Based on current valuation, pork was around 12 or 13 dollars a kilogram. Based on the prices in the black market, Mo Beihan's items were worth about five to six hundred dollars.

    There was definitely some fluctuation in prices in different parts of the country. This was so even in their area.

    So Chen Jin would still make a profit despite what Mo Beihan had asked for.

    After a while, Chen Jin returned with two wooden boxes. When he opened the boxes, they saw the contents glitter.

    He must have seen that Gu Qingyao was there, so Chen Jin had brought jewelry and precious stones.

    In the boxes was a set of diamond jewelry - a diamond ring, a diamond necklace and a diamond bracelet, that formed a set.

    Gu Qingyao glanced at the diamond ring. In later years, this would be worth tens of thousands of dollars in the jewelry shops. Today, it could only be exchanged for a few kilograms of food. Or perhaps, not even that.

    There were also four gold bracelets. Two of them had green gemstones embedded on them. The gems glowed and glittered. They were translucent and beautiful.

    There were also four pairs of jade bangles, all made from top-grade material. But Gu Qingyao immediately took a fancy to the best pair. They were made of jadeite of the old pit glass variety. They were completely green, translucent and beautiful.

    Gu Qingyao loved them.

    When Mo Beihan saw her glittering eyes, he smiled and said, "Pick a few that you like."

    Gu Qingyao thought about it. She did not refuse, but selected the diamond set, a gold bangle with a green gemstone embedded in it, and the jade bangles.

    In these times, the national banks did not take jewels or gemstones. They were close to worthless. People who had no liking for these things had no desire to own them. So Chen Jin was happy for Gu Qingyao to take them.

    She only took one gold bracelet. In today's world, gold was the universal currency.

    Mo Beihan's eyes flashed when he saw Gu Qingyao select the best jade bangles.

    After Gu Qingyao had finished her selection, Mo Beihan got up and prepared to leave.

    Chen Jin smilingly saw them out. "Elder Brother, remember me if you have any other special items! Or I can come to you."

    Mo Beihan glanced at him. "I still have plenty of meat on hand!"

    Chen Jin smiled until his eyes almost disappeared!