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Chapter 45

Rebirth: Divine Doctor, Sweet Wife
     Chapter 45: People Buy Watches When They Get Married (1)

    "No, no, no!" Gu Qingyao was shocked and quickly tugged at him. "Brother Beihan, I can't possibly wear so much. Get some other colors. There are so many other people in our families!"

    Mo Beihan was taken aback. He had been immersed in the joy of being reborn and his mind was filled with thoughts of spoiling his wife. He only remembered now that there were many other people in the Gu Family!

    However, these two types of wool were a rare find. Mo Beihan could not bear to relinquish them.

    "Then buy some other kinds. We'll take all these. You can keep it and knit a few sweaters so you can rotate them throughout the winter."

    Gu Qingyao: "…"

    Mo Beihan would brook no refusal. He insisted on buying up the two types of wool. The sales assistant was shocked by his extravagance!

    The remaining wool was in more sedate colors. They could be worn by either men or women. Mo Beihan liked the red and pink ones the best because Yao Yao could wear them.

    In the end, Gu Qingyao bought another four kilograms of blue sheep's wool and ten kilograms of blended yarn before she stopped!


    The sheep's wool cost 20 dollars a kilogram. The ten kilograms of red wool, ten kilograms of pink wool and four kilograms of blue wool cost 480 dollars in total. The blended yarn was 10 dollars a kilogram, so ten kilograms of it cost a hundred dollars.

    Together with the cloth they had chosen earlier, the total came up to about 700 dollars.

    In modern times, 700 dollars was not a lot of money. But this was the seventies, when the average city worker's salary was about 30 to 40 dollars. It was only because Mo Beihan drew a high wage that he could afford it.

    Even so, 700 dollars was several months' salary for him.

    Mo Beihan had left home at fifteen. Today, his wages, together with his allowance, added up to 160 dollars a month.

    Seven hundred dollars…

    Mo Beihan happily handed over the money and coupons, then left with Gu Qingyao.

    Gu Qingyao lowered her head to look at the large heap of wool and cloth in her hands. Then she turned to look at this fellow who was still jubilant despite having spent so much money. She really did not know what to say to him.

    She herself did not have that much money. But she knew this man all too well. Even if she could produce the money, he certainly would not allow her to pay.

    "Don't buy so many things for me in the future. You work hard for your money. These things are… too expensive!"

    Mo Beihan smiled and drew closer to Gu Qingyao. He lowered his voice and said, "Didn't I just earn three hundred dollars? The things we got from the mountain can still be exchanged for quite a lot of money! Don't worry."

    "That's different!" Gu Qingyao said. "Those opportunities are rare. You are usually away from home and seldom get any leave."

    Mo Beihan could not help but smile when he looked at the girl standing in front of him. "Don't worry. I'll definitely give you enough money to spend."

    Gu Qingyao: "…"

    Women of every era found it impossible to refuse men who spent money on them. Especially a man they liked.

    Gu Qingyao's heart was filled with tenderness as she looked at his smiling eyes, brimming with love.

    Forget it, why quibble. They had already bought it anyway. Also, she had so many resources at hand, she would never be short of cash.

    He was good to her and she too, would be good to him.

    Gu Qingyao happily hugged the cloth and wool. "Brother Beihan, I'll knit a few sweaters for you when we get back.

    Mo Beihan grinned with delight.

    The two of them were childhood sweethearts and had grown up together. This girl had followed him around since she was young, calling him elder brother. He had liked her since they were children.

    A pity that they had been cruelly trapped in their previous lives, and their lives ruined by a series of unfortunate events.

    Mo Beihan was glad that they could do it all over again, without the hurt from the past. When he thought of the future, his heart burnt with passion.

    Then he brought Gu Qingyao along to buy an iron teapot for his mother, Jiang Yingqiu. After some thought, Mo Beihan turned to Gu Qingyao and said, "Let's go. I'll buy you something."

    With that, he brought Gu Qingyao to a counter that was selling watches. Gu Qingyao was taken aback. "A watch?"