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Chapter 53 - Up The Mountain Again

Rebirth: Divine Doctor, Sweet Wife
     Chapter 53: Up The Mountain Again (3)

    It was so fragrant. Although it was a little astringent, it had the delicate fragrance unique to wild fruits!

    The astringency was not a problem. Gu Qingyao continued to enjoy its fragrance!

    She had no fruits to eat when she was young. Sometimes, her eldest and second uncle, and even her older brothers tried to get hold of some apples and pears, but these were extremely rare. Also, those they managed to obtain were usually of poor quality.

    Since fruits were unavailable for purchase, everyone looked forward to finding the occasional wild fruit on the mountainside.

    As she ate the wild pear, memories arose with every bite.

    "I've finished cooking. Come over and eat."

    Mo Beihan was delighted to see the young girl eating so happily. When he heard what she said, he lowered his head and looked at the food she had prepared. His expression froze.

    Egg fried rice, meat strips fried with peppers, and a portion of fish soup.


    To be honest, in these times, these dishes were considered especially good.

    In particular, she had added a lot of oil to the egg fried rice, and there were vegetables, green onions and eggs. It was the same for the stir-fried meat strips. She had even added bean paste.

    It was true that he liked these dishes, but this made him truly realize that this Yao Yao was unlike her former self!

    The Yao Yao of the past would have just added the peppers to the meat strips and made sure they were cooked. The egg fried rice would only have egg, and that would be pretty good. In these times, people were just too poor and resources were too scarce. They only cared that their bellies were full, and were not too particular.

    Mo Beihan looked at the smiling girl and kept quiet. He obediently went to wash his hands and eat.

    The dishes went well with the rice. These flavors were similar to Yao Yao's cooking in her previous life, when they had traveled throughout the country.

    Mo Beihan lifted his head. His deep black eyes looked at Gu Qingyao. "Yao Yao!"


    "Your cooking is so good. If I continue eating like this, I will find other food unpalatable in the future."

    Gu Qingyao smiled. "Then I will cook for you more often in the future. I guarantee you will become nice and plump."

    Mo Beihan laughed. "Shouldn't I be the one saying that to you? But I don't need you to do so many chores. I can do them too."

    Gu Qingyao smiled but did not say anything. Her cheeks were slightly flushed.

    Mo Beihan did not go out again that afternoon after their meal. Instead, they finished cleaning all the game, then caught some fish, cleaned them, and left them to dry. Then they went out and found a big bundle of firewood. They packed some of the mushrooms that Gu Qingyao had picked, before heading for home.

    They did not bring many things back this time. There were no conspicuous items like wild boar, but only smaller game. They did not bring the roe deer or river deer. Last time, Mo Beihan had come back for the wild boar meat at night, and he had already sold all of it.

    This time, they reached home in the evening, before the sun had set.

    Everyone knew that if Mo Beihan knew how to hunt, he would always bring some game back whenever he went into the mountains.

    Everyone knew that he was very skillful, and admired him for it. They were not surprised that he dared to venture into the mountains to hunt.

    He had an elderly mother. His father had abandoned them, leaving two sons, then his elder brother had made the ultimate sacrifice. Life in his family was hard. Now that Mo Beihan had grown up, he only returned once or twice a year. No one dared to say anything if he brought some game back.

    Mo Beihan's uncle, was the leader of the South Lake Brigade!

    Mo Beihan sent Gu Qingyao home. When they reached the courtyard, they could hear the sounds of an argument coming from the Gu family courtyard. The voices were particularly annoying.

    It was the Zhang family!