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Chapter 54 - The Zhang Family Makes Trouble And Yao Yao Retaliates

Rebirth: Divine Doctor, Sweet Wife
     Chapter 54: The Zhang Family Makes Trouble And Yao Yao Retaliates (1)

    Gu Qingyao frowned and entered the house, only to see that the entire Zhang family was present - the three sons, their wives, and a few children.

    The eldest Zhang brother was sitting on a stool. His leg was bandaged, and he seemed to be injured.

    The eldest Zhang brother, Zhang Jianguo, was 40 years old. He was lazy and greedy and was known throughout the brigade as a troublemaker. He had been completely spoilt by his parents. But of course, the entire Zhang family was greedy and lazy. They would probably have starved to death if the Gu family had not supported them all these years.

    Zhang Jianguo sat there with a self-righteous expression. "Gu Yunshen, aren't you ungrateful? I, your elder brother, am so badly injured, but you refuse to give me something more nutritious? Has your family not spent enough time here undergoing rehabilitation?"

    Gu Yunshen rolled his eyes, but could not be bothered to answer him. Anyway, it was useless to reason with him.

    Two years ago, the situation had been very tense. Grandfather and Grandma had been severely persecuted, and many capitalists had suffered. Some of them had even been beaten brutally. For the sake of Grandfather and Grandma's safety, Gu Yunshen had no choice but to smooth things over!

    In these times, it was better to offend a gentleman than a villain!

    This bunch from the Zhang family were classic villains. There was no need to run the risk of being reported for the sake of some food. Otherwise, it would be the Gu family that suffered.


    But one must have a delicate grasp of these situations. He could not possibly let the Zhang family have their way in everything, or many other families would follow suit, and the Gu family would be unable to survive.

    Fortunately, Gu Qingyao and Mo Beihan returned at this moment. The two of them stood in the courtyard and everyone saw the game that Mo Beihan was carrying.

    On one end of the shoulder pole was a large bundle of firewood. Firewood also hung on the other end, but there were also two bags of mushrooms, three rabbits, two pheasants, two large fish and two small fish bundled together with it.

    Mo Beihan had deliberately tied them on the outside. Everyone knew that he dared to venture into the mountains. If he always came back empty-handed, people would suspect that he had caught a lot of game and hidden it. Rather, it was better to show a little of the less conspicuous game.

    The Zhang family's eyes brightened when they saw the pheasants, rabbits and large fish!

    "Meat… meat, meat, meat!" The children immediately rushed over. Their eyes glowed as they looked at the rabbit and pheasants. They rushed over to Mo Beihan, but were too short to reach the meat. They kept turning to look at their parents, hoping that they would take the meat.

    When Zhang Jianguo saw the meat, he immediately stood up and rushed over to Mo Beihan. He was so quick that he did not seem like an injured person in need of nourishment.

    "Ah, ah, ah! Beihan! You've caught so much game? Ah, ah, ah!"

    Mo Beihan ignored him. He glanced at Gu Qingyao and undid a sack of mushrooms. Then he handed her a rabbit and one of the larger fish, before he turned to leave.

    He only gave her a little, or the Zhang Family would certainly take some.

    Gu Qingyao and Mo Beihan tacitly understood each other. In fact, Gu Qingyao was even more vicious than Mo Beihan. When she saw that Mo Beihan was about to leave, she hastily said, "Brother Beihan, stay for dinner! You helped me to carry so much firewood back and it was such a bother for you. Please stay for dinner!"

    Mo Beihan was taken aback. Although he did not understand what Yao Yao was up to, he always obeyed her.

    Gu Qingyao knew that the Zhang family would not leave without obtaining some advantage. She did not care about the Zhang family. They were actually simple to deal with. The person she wanted to deal with was Zhang Xiaohui.

    If Zhang Xiaohui would only divorce her father, then the problem of the Zhang family would naturally be resolved.

    She had vowed not to allow Zhang Xiaohui and Gu Ruoqing to have anything good to eat in this house. She would certainly keep her word.