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Chapter 56 - The Zhang Family Makes Trouble And Yao Yao Retaliates

Rebirth: Divine Doctor, Sweet Wife
     Chapter 56: The Zhang Family Makes Trouble And Yao Yao Retaliates (3)

    A bystander said, "You don't know anything. It's not just what the Gu family's sons and grandsons have sent back. Zhang Xiaohui even took Mo Beihan's gifts back to her natal home. Two days ago, I passed the Zhang house and they were cooking meat! It was so fragrant! After that, I heard from Chen Goudan that Mo Beihan happened to obtain some pork ribs on his way back from the town. So he bought it and gave some to the Gu family. The day I saw the Zhang Family eating meat was the day after Mo Beihan returned, and Zhang Xiaohui was also at the Zhang house that day! She must have taken it back."

    The other bystander shook his head. "This Zhang family is known for being greedy and lazy. They're just leeching off the Gu family!"

    "Of course they are. The Gu family has been treating our illnesses for years. Compared to the Zhangs…"

    He wanted to say that they were much better than the Zhangs, but in these times, he hesitated to say it. After all, the Gu family were landlords…

    They two of them exchanged glances, shook their heads, and walked off.

    Meanwhile, in the Gu house, Mo Beihan, Old Master Gu, Gu Chonghua, and the Zhang family were together in the main room. The Zhang Family tried to cozy up to Mo Beihan, but the moment the latter entered the room, he closed his eyes to rest, completely ignoring the Zhang Family.

    He had been on the battlefield and had an unapproachable air that the Zhang family did not dare to breach. They all kept quiet obediently.

    Gu Chonghua also did not bother with them.


    Gu Qingyao was preparing dinner in the kitchen.

    The main dishes were cornmeal porridge, with wild herb pancakes. These were commonly eaten by the farmers.

    But there were many guests for dinner, so she made many pancakes. She did not stinge on the grain, but ensured that the Zhang family would get their fill.

    The wild herbs were mixed with brown flour and Gu Qingyao seasoned them to ensure they would taste even better. There were a dozen people, so they would certainly eat an especially large amount. So Gu Qingyao made forty over pancakes and boiled up a big pot of cornmeal porridge.

    Then came the dishes.

    This time, she generously braised the entire rabbit. She did not even leave a scrape.

    The carrots had sprouted in the vegetable plot, but were not very big. She took some of the larger ones and chopped them up to braise with the rabbit. Then she added chillies, onions and ginger. It was delicious.

    The large fish was left. She chopped it up and braised most of it in soy sauce, then scattered red chillies on it, together with various other spices. Lastly, she threw in some mushrooms to freshen the palate. The pot bubbled merrily. It smelt wonderful!

    Zhang Xiaohui and Gu Ruoqing watched it, drooling.

    Gu Qingyao's lips twitched. Her smile was a little chilly. "Grandfather and Grandmother seldom visit. These are all the good things we have in the house. We must certainly treat them hospitably this time."

    Zhang Xiaohui and Gu Ruoqing's attention was riveted on the fragrant dishes. They did not hear Gu Qingyao at all.

    Most of the fish was braised in soy sauce, but there was still a large fish head. There was still plenty of meat on the head! Besides the head, she had also set aside a portion of fish when she chopped it up.

    This fish was very big. There was more than enough after chopping it up.

    As usual, she used the fish head to make fish soup. She added mushrooms again, and boiled it until it achieved a rich, milky color.

    Lastly, she fried some of the radish sprouts she had picked a couple of days ago. They were a vivid green, and looked especially lovely after mincing and frying. Then it was wild herbs and mushrooms again.

    In these times, people were happy just to have enough to eat. No one would object to wild herbs and mushrooms. Gu Qingyao seasoned them sufficiently, and was free with the oil, so they tasted divine.

    She treated the wild herbs like vegetables, and fried a portion of mushrooms. This created a huge dish. She was unable to offer a variety of dishes, but it would be alright if she just cooked larger portions. This was not a picky generation.

    There were lots of mushrooms in the house, so she just added more of them.

    The fragrance drifted from the kitchen. The Zhang family was drooling!