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Chapter 59 - Poor Gu Ruoqing, Poor Zhang Xiaohui

Rebirth: Divine Doctor, Sweet Wife
     Chapter 59: Poor Zhang Xiaohui, Poor Gu Ruoqing (3)

    In a time when resources were scarce, it was a great blessing to be able to eat a bit of meat. Many families went an entire year without eating meat!

    It was the same for the Gu family.

    How did it feel to have many meat dishes pass before your very eyes, while sitting there, eating dried radishes?

    Gu Qingyao pretended not to notice that Gu Ruoqing was crying from rage. She calmly ate the dried radish. She only ate this occasionally, so it was not a big deal to her.

    When she saw Gu Qingyao's calm expression, Gu Ruoqing ground her teeth and said, "You did it on purpose, didn't you? Did you purposely prevent me from eating meat?"

    Gu Qingyao glanced at her. "There are so many elders here. Allowing them to have the meat is the proper thing to do. Your own grandmother forced you out to leave, so why are you mad at me?"

    "Mother, haven't you often said that the Zhang family are peasants and proper revolutionaries, so our Gu family should give our good food to the Zhang family so that we can properly accept our rehabilitation and perform profound self-criticism? I've done the right thing. You must guide my elder sister properly in the future. She's out of hand!"

    Zhang Xiaohui: "…"


    Zhang Xiaohui was also desperately greedy. When she brought the food back to the Zhang family previously, her mother had said there was too little, and had not allowed her to eat any lunch. She had worked hard all day, but in the end, she had not even had a meal when she returned home.

    She had had nothing good to eat for days. Even the pork ribs and fish had disappeared.

    And today…

    Zhang Xiaohui glared at Gu Qingyao maliciously. She felt that Gu Qingyao had acted deliberately.

    "What has happened to all the meat in the house? Where has it gone?"

    Gu Qingyao's lips curved. "We dried some and sent it to Eldest Uncle's family. They've been in the brigade all along, and their lives are even harder than ours. Of course, they need something more nutritious."

    "Did you send all of it?"


    Zhang Xiaohui's lips curved. "Then cook that tomorrow, do you hear me?"

    Gu Qingyao glanced at her. A trace of amusement flashed across her eyes. "You have more meat? Bring it all out! I want to eat meat!"

    At that moment, Zhang Dabao's voice suddenly rang out from the doorway.

    Gu Ruoqing jumped in fright. She turned to see Zhang Dabao standing there with two pieces of rabbit meat. He gnawed at them, his mouth shining with oil.

    Zhang Dabao turned and ran back to the main room. "Grandma, Grandma, the Gu family has more meat! I want to eat meat! Let's bring it all back. I want to eat meat."

    When Gu Ruoqing heard him, she cried even harder!

    Gu Qingyao dropped her eyes to hide her smile and carried on eating.

    She had seen Zhang Dabao standing there, so she had deliberately spoken as she did.

    She was indifferent to such a small amount of food. But if she could make Gu Ruoqing and Zhang Xiaohui feel that they could not remain in this family any longer, then she was willing to let the Zhang family take advantage of them to some extent. Also, she certainly had to deal with the members of the Zhang family. But when dealing with such scoundrels, the best method was to act covertly.

    As expected, the moment the meal was over, and the Zhang family had eaten and drunk their fill, Old Madam Zhang arrived to ask for the meat.

    Gu Qingyao gave it to her without hesitation.

    A pheasant, a rabbit and a dried fish. They were all partially dried. Gu Qingyao took them directly from the pile of odds and ends in the corner of the kitchen.

    Old Madam Zhang took the things and left happily.

    When everyone had gone, Gu Ruoqing seemed to go berserk. She ran over to the pile of odds and ends and rummaged through it, only to discover there was really nothing left.

    At that moment, Mo Beihan was about to leave. He only left some firewood behind. He brought all the game tied to the shoulder pole with him.

    Gu Ruoqing finally could not stand it any longer. "We had so much meat, but now there is nothing left. Gu Qingyao, go and get some from Mo Beihan. Hurry!"

    Gu Qingyao's lips twitched. "Why don't you go and get some from your grandmother instead. Your mother is so filial, your grandmother must dote on you."