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Chapter 60 - Let Me Think Of A Way To Let You Meet Your Real Father

Rebirth: Divine Doctor, Sweet Wife
     Chapter 60: Let Me Think Of A Way To Let You Meet Your Real Father

    Gu Qingyao ignored her and went straight to her room. She did not care what happened next.

    Gu Yunshen told Zhang Xiaohui to clear the bowls and chopsticks, but Zhang Xiaohui angrily refused. Gu Yunshen laughed coldly and said, "What's the matter? We entertained your family. The entire family came to my house to eat and drink, and I hosted them as well. Now you are not even willing to wash the bowls?

    "Zhang Xiaohui, let me warn you to watch your attitude. Otherwise, you won't have food to eat in the future. We used up so much food today, and I'll deduct it from your share and Gu Ruoqing's share. You better start working."

    Zhang Xiaohui and Gu Ruoqing became frightened the moment Gu Yunshen lost his temper. They had no choice but to clear the table.

    When they had brought all the bowls and chopsticks to the kitchen, they looked at the plates that had been polished clean. They had even used the pancakes to soak up the last drop of soup. When she thought of the fragrance of their lunch dishes, Gu Ruoqing cried in rage. "Mother, I want to eat meat, I want to eat meat. I haven't eaten meat for a long time.

    "I only managed to eat a little bit the last time, but before that, we didn't eat meat for a long time. We eat coarse grain day in and day out. And this lousy place is so smelly, I don't want to stay here anymore. Boohoohoo, I never have anything nice to eat. Why did you give it to Grandmother's family!"

    Zhang Xiaohui frowned. "Qingqing, she's your grandmother. Your uncles are her sons. Sons will carry on the family name and take care of your grandparents. Bringing those things back was the proper thing for me to do. Do you understand?"

    Old Madam Zhang favored sons over daughters and she had passed on this thinking to Zhang Xiaohui. Zhang Xiaohui had diligently gone back to the Zhang family as an act of filial piety, but the Zhang family had taken her for granted. But Zhang Xiaohui felt that she deserved it.


    Gu Ruoqing had grown up like this, and was used to her mother.

    "But… but now there is nothing left at home. Grandmother and the rest took so much. They've gone too far!"

    "Shut up!" Zhang Xiaohui berated her. "So what if your grandmother took a little? They're getting old and I am not there to take care of them. Your three uncles work hard, so what if they took some meat? How can you speak of your grandmother like that?"


    "No more buts. In the end, it's because the Gu family is too poor!"

    Zhang Xiaohui said disdainfully, "The Gu family has amounted to nothing in the end. A landlord family will always be considered a bad element. Your grandparents have labored all their lives, but the Gu family can't even afford to let them eat a few things. I've slaved for years after marrying into this family, but can't even honor my parents a little. Ultimately, it's because the Gu family is useless."

    After some thought, Zhang Xiaohui spoke again. "Remember when we were in the town? Look at the kind of houses the people there lived in. What kind of lives did they lead?

    "Their houses were much nicer than our house. They were clean and had more than one storey. They could work in the factories and draw a salary every month. In the city, grain is provided every month and they have coupons. What does our family have?"

    Gu Ruoqing was filled with envy when she thought of everything she had seen in the town. When she contrasted it with her own home, she felt even more discontented.

    "Mother, when can we live like city folk! The Gu family is too poor. I don't want to stay here any longer!"

    Gu Qingyao, who was standing outside the door, heard all this. Her lips twitched. She didn't want to stay here any longer?


    Let me help you.

    Gu Qingyao went back to her room and thought carefully. She decided to seek Mo Beihan's help the next day. She would let Gu Ruoqing personally witness how good life would be with her real father!