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Chapter 62 - Finally Here!

Rebirth: Divine Doctor, Sweet Wife
     Chapter 62: Finally Here!

    She grew up together with Mo Beihan. He was six years older than her and was 21 this year.

    She treated him like her elder brother. They were always very close.

    Mo Beihan was just a 20-year-old young man who should be very energetic and righteous.

    However, recently she felt that Mo Beihan had changed. He appeared to be more mature now.

    He gave her a safe feeling.

    Like how he protected her in her previous life.

    She did not intend to hide her interspace from him. Anyway, he knew about that in her previous life, just a few years from now.

    She did not purposely tell him. He found out by himself after they spent a long time together.


    She also did not want to hide anything. He would soon realize it from the things she had.

    However, she did not know how to explain that she was reborn.

    "Hmm… Brother Beihan, I have some little secrets. Please don't ask me. I don't know how to explain it. Help me, please! I'll prepare food for you as appreciation, okay?"

    Mo Beihan: "…"

    The little girl was begging him?

    How could he reject her with that soft voice?

    He could only agree to what she asked since he could not reject her.

    "I'll be waiting for that!"

    Gu Qingyao: "…"

    After meeting Mo Beihan, Gu Qingyao went to look for another person, Chen Goudan. He was smart and close to her. He would be the right person.

    After settling everything, Gu Qingyao waited for three days before hearing that the family was going to visit here.

    The news was sent two days ago and Gu Yunshen went to look for some herbs. But many were brought back by Gu Qingyao previously.

    After a long anticipation, Wang Guozhu and the family finally came.

    Wang Guozhu also belonged to the Qing River Brigade. His family was poor, very poor.

    They did not even have food to eat.

    Wang Guozhu was good at studying but could not do any work. He was the only son in the family. However, he did not perform well for his high school graduation exam and failed to enter a university.

    High school graduate was considered a good education background back then. He also received an opportunity to work at a textile factory in the town with good pay.

    He was a leader in the factory, not just a normal worker. It was rare for a person who came from the countryside to get such a job. Usually, the factory only recruited people from the cities.

    Wang Guozhu grew up in the countryside.

    His wife was his classmate and did not enter university as well. She had a wealthy family and was the only daughter. Wang Guozhu was married and got the identity in the city. He worked in the textile factory all these years.

    His wife, Zhou Hong, was a spoiled child. She was very arrogant and picky. She fell in love with Wang Guozhu and stayed with him all these years.

    Zhou Hong's parents passed away. Wang Guozhu, Zhou Hong, and their only daughter now stayed in the town. Wang Guozhu also brought his parents over.

    They came to the countryside to seek treatment for Zhou Hong's leg.

    Her leg always hurt when winter came due to past injury.

    The family of three came together. They were well-dressed and their daughter Zhou Xiaoyu was riding a pretty lady style bicycle. Gu Ruoqing really envied her.