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Chapter 63 - : Acting Skills on Poin

Rebirth: Divine Doctor, Sweet Wife
     Chapter 63: Acting Skills on Point

    Wang Guozhu was fair and of middle height. He looked like a scholar which was different from other men in the countryside.

    No wonder Zhou Hong fell in love with him.

    He dressed in new grey-colored clothes and a pair of leather shoes.

    He was riding a bicycle and his wife Zhou Hong sat at the back.

    Zhou Xiaoyu was riding a lady-styled bicycle by herself.

    Both Zhou Xiaoyu and Zhou Hong were well dressed.

    Though the idea of beauty was not valued at that age, those who liked to dress appeared different from others.

    Zhou Hong was in a black coat and Zhou Xiaoyu in a blue coat with checks. She also wore a pair of black pants and leather shoes that made her look extraordinarily pretty!


    The way they dressed was very fashionable at that age.

    Gu Qingyao almost laughed when she saw how Gu Ruoqing envied them.

    The family of three entered. Zhou Xiaoyu and Zhou Hong showed their dislike towards the house that was just beside the lair. The disgust was clearly shown on their faces.

    Zhang Xiaohui froze when she came out of the kitchen and saw Wang Guozhu. She was stunned as she stared at him…


    Wang Guozhu was also stunned when he saw Zhang Xiaohui. They knew each other when they were young as they were both from the Qing River Brigade. Zhang Xiaohui was filial and capable. She was the virtuous wife in his eyes.

    However, he married the rich and arrogant lady, Zhou Hong. She never even respected his parents.

    Zhou Hong was not used to the environment here and rushed Wang Guozhu to look for the doctor so that they could leave this place as soon as possible.

    The three of them entered the main room of the Gu Family. Both Gu Yunshen and grandfather Gu Chonghua were waiting for them.

    Gu Qingyao stayed in the yard and was not far from Gu Ruoqing. She watched Zhou Xiaoyu's back view and showed her admiration.

    "The girl from the city is so pretty! Her clothes are so beautiful. Goudan, look at that bicycle! Do all ladies in the city own that?"

    Chen Goudan also stared at the bicycle, "Many of them own bicycles. When I was in the town, I saw many ladies from the cities riding such pretty bicycles. They live in nice buildings as well. They even have places to work and get salaries. With money and coupons, they can buy food, clothes, and everything they want. Such a good life!"

    Gu Qingyao smiled, "I really envy them. I heard that the man is the head of a department and works in a textile factory. The girl is his daughter. She will work in the factory after she graduates. The pay is very high. She can always buy new cloth to make clothes!"

    Chen Goudan was envious; she said, "It's so good to have a father. I also want to have a father."

    Gu Qingyao said, "Of course it's nice to have a father. But you need to have a father like Mr Wang who is a leader in the factory to live in a building, have a job, and get paid. Otherwise, you can only stay in the countryside and work here."

    Chen Goudan nodded, "That's true. She looks a few years older than us but how is she better than us? Just because she has a father who works in the textile factory?"

    Gu Qingyao sighed, "No choice, she is born that way. Let's do our job since we don't have her luck. I need to cook now. We don't have much food left here. If we were in the city, we could eat meat often!"