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Chapter 64 - Acting Skills on Point (2)

Rebirth: Divine Doctor, Sweet Wife
     Chapter 64: Acting Skills on Point (2)

    Gu Qingyao walked towards the kitchen. Her lips curved into a smile as she saw Gu Ruoqing contemplating about something and said, "Come and help with food. What are you looking at? You think you are her?"

    Gu Ruoqing's expression changed as she was pissed.

    In the main room, grandfather and Gu Yunshen were treating Zhou Hong. Wen Ruyu was at the cowshed. The two elders were both under reformation. As there were visitors to the house, Gu Chonghua was here to treat the patient but not Wen Ruyu. So she stayed at the cowshed to do her job and kept a low profile.

    Gu Qingyao, Gu Ruoqing, Zhang Xiaohui, and Chen Goudan were in the kitchen.

    Chen Goudan helped the Gu family to do many chores today including bringing over dry woods. Thus, the Gu family allowed him to stay and have a meal.

    Chen Goudan always helped different families. His family was very poor so he always needed help from neighbors. Though he was raised by his eldest uncle, he was fed by every family in the area.

    It was common to have such a child in every brigade.

    Chen Goudan always helped to do tasks in order to show his appreciation.


    Gu Ruoqing and Zhang Xiaohui were both in a bad mood.

    Gu Qingyao stood in front of the stove and was anxious, "What can we eat for lunch? Nothing good is left. We can only eat wild vegetables and coarse grain."

    Chen Goudan looked up and said, "You want to eat meat, Sister Gu?"

    Gu Qingyao pursed her lips, "Who does not want to eat meat? I crave meat everyday."

    "Brother Mo is not at home? He did not hunt for animals for you from the mountain?"

    Gu Qingyao rolled her eyes and said, "Yes, but I did not manage to eat. Such a waste that Brother Beihan passed me so much good food."

    "You didn't eat? Where did the food go?"

    Gu Qingyao took a glimpse at Gu Ruoqing and Zhang Xiaohui and showed a disdainful look, "Where else can the food go? Besides the Zhang family, where can our food go?"

    Chen Goudan glanced at Zhang Xiaohui and Gu Ruoqing and rolled his eyes towards Gu Ruoqing and showed his disdain. He did not say anything and carried on with his job.

    Gu Ruoqing was enraged when both of them rolled their eyes at her.

    "How dare you roll your eyes at me?"

    She was talking to Chen Goudan. She was the type of person that was afraid of those who were stronger than her but liked to bully the weak. Chen Goudan was an orphan in the brigade and grew up from other's help. Many children bullied him.

    Chen Goudan was clever and did not say anything. Gu Qingyao immediately said, "When did you see me rolling my eyes at you? Furthermore, all our things went to the Zhang family. It's not like you don't know about that?"

    "The whole family came over and ate all the food. They even wanted to bring away the food. It seemed like they had never eaten meat for a few hundreds of years. How difficult is it to have some meat in the family? They finished everything in one go. Why can't I say something about that?"


    "Shut up!" Zhang Xiaohui raged, "They're your grandparents and uncles. It is the right thing to do to respect them. You…"

    "Stop saying that to me. Of course, we need to be filial to them, and I never disrespect them at all. Furthermore, my grandparents are your parents and Gu Ruoqing's grandparents. I have never seen you being filial to them."

    "They're the bad element and need to be reformed. They…"

    "They need to undergo reformation but that does not mean you can treat them like slaves. They should work harder but as the daughter, you should remind them to work but not treat yourself like the owner. Look at yourself, you treat your brothers as the princes in the family. You're just indulging them!"