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Chapter 65 - Acting Skills on Point (3)

Rebirth: Divine Doctor, Sweet Wife
     Chapter 65: Acting Skills on Point (3)

    "Working is glorious. They're learning to sustain their lives with their own hands. My grandparents still take care of all the animals in the cowshed at this age and contribute to the brigade while going through reformation. What did those people of the Zhang family do? How dare they think of meat everyday?"

    Zhang Xiaohui could not say anything and was speechless.

    Ultimately, she was just a normal woman in the countryside who had never gone to school. She only attended a few lessons in the brigade in the past but she could barely recognize words.

    She would never be able to compete with Gu Qingyao on this issue.

    Gu Qingyao started learning and reading at a very young age. The elderly who stayed near the cowshed were all her teachers. With her decades of experiences in her previous life, how could she not be able to fight Zhang Xiaohui?

    In the past, Zhang Xiaohui was only scared of Gu Yunshen. She did not show respect to others in the family. Though Gu Qingyao was Gu Yunshen's beloved daughter, she was always a quiet and obedient girl.

    Gu Qingyao in the past would never provoke her like this. Zhang Xiaohui was in a bad mood now. She totally raged after hearing her words, "Ultimately, it's your Gu family that is too poor. I suppose to show filial obedience to my family. They raised me up and all of them are my close family members. What's wrong with them eating meat from you?"

    "Gu family could not even offer some meat. How dare you complain?"


    Gu Qingyao was waiting for that sentence. She shouted, "The Gu family is too poor? My family is like that from decades ago. If you look down on the family, why did you even marry my father? You complain about my grandparents as bad elements everyday and even treat them like your slaves. We offered everything to your family for your parents. How dare you discriminate against the Gu family?

    "Since you discriminate against my family and my grandparents, why did you even marry my father? Just go look for a rich man! As a rightful poor farmer, why did you come to my family which is full of bad elements? It seems like you're not anywhere better!"


    "What's wrong with my words? No one else in the entire Qing River Brigade would offer everything in the family to her own relatives. You don't know you're famous now in the brigade? With a mother like you, Gu Ruoqing will not be able to get married. No one can afford to keep you in the family. Discriminating the family while all goods are taken away by you. Remember that your family is even poorer!"

    "You… Gu Qingyao, who do you think you are? How dare you speak to me like that? I will slap you, I swear!"

    "How dare you? I'll tell my father that you slapped me for no reason. You bully me everyday but treat Gu Ruoqing like a princess. She doesn't know how to do any house chores still. Why can't I say something when you're doing the wrong thing?

    "We value equality now. Children can also educate their parents if the parents make some mistakes. Why can't I scold you? You're using the title of parents to control me. This is dominance! Why are you the master?"

    "SHUT UP!" Zhang Xiaohui was furious but was also scared.

    Though she did not attend school, she understood that she would be dead if what Gu Qingyao said was deemed as truth.

    "Why should I shut up? I'm telling the truth. Don't treat Gu Ruoqing and me differently in the future. She must do work as well. Come and set up the fire now."

    "Everyday, you're wandering around and do not help with chores at all. Do you think you're the princess from the city? The lady outside is a princess. Her father is the department leader of the textile factory. Look at her bicycle and the new clothes. She is a typical city girl and you're just a countryside girl. That's not your life. Do your job now!"