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Chapter 66 - I'll Create An Opportunity For You!

Rebirth: Divine Doctor, Sweet Wife
     Chapter 66: I'll Create An Opportunity For You!

    These words were like needles that pierced Gu Ruoqing and Zhang Xiaohui's hearts deeply. They each kept their own counsel, and gritted their teeth wordlessly.

    When Gu Qingyao saw their expressions, she knew that they were badly upset. Considering their personalities, if she continued to torment them, they would certainly leave.

    Wang Guozhu's family did not stay for long. She did not know who Mo Beihan had found, who had actually persuaded the conceited Zhou Hong to see a doctor in a village. From her expression, it was clear that Zhou Hong had been reluctant to come.

    Her attitude was rather patronizing, as if she was fulfilling an obligation.

    And then there was Zhou Xiaoyu, who abhorred this place. Gu Qingyao deliberately found chances to force Gu Ruoqing into the yard so that she ran into Zhou Xiaoyu a few times. Zhou Xiaoyu looked contemptuous each time, which made Gu Ruoqing livid with rage.

    At last, Wang Guozhu and his family left. Before they left, Zhang Xiaohui and Wang Guozhu exchanged a brief but affectionate glance.

    That afternoon, they ate wild herbs, sorghum bread, and dried carrots, together with some fried mushrooms. This time, she did not add much oil to the mushrooms, so they were much less tasty.

    Zhang Xiaohui and Gu Ruoqing's faces turned green at the sight of these dishes.


    They only ate a little, then returned to their room to sleep.

    They must be too angry to eat.

    Gu Qingyao ignored them. Her grandma, Wen Ruyu, cleared the bowls and chopsticks. Gu Qingyao took a piece of sorghum bread and gave it to Chen Goudan, then secretly gave him two cooked wild chicken eggs.

    "If your sorghum bread gets taken away after you get home, just let them take it. You keep these eggs carefully and give them to your younger sister."

    Chen Goudan's eyes reddened. "Thank you, Elder Sister Gu!"

    All the food in the house went to his eldest uncle's family. He and his younger sister were fortunate not to have starved to death.

    Gu Qingyao returned to her room and began to devise her next plan. Given Zhang Xiaohui's personality, she knew that Zhang Xiaohui would certainly devise a way to meet Wang Guozhu. She only needed to keep her wits and put in her oar at the right time.

    Over the next few days, Gu Qingyao thought of ways to torment Gu Ruoqing and Zhang Xiaohui. She continually compared them with the young ladies in the city and teased them ceaselessly.

    She did not feel at all guilty for treating them like that. Her previous life was so terrible because of them. She must certainly deal with them in this life.

    After many days of being tormented by Gu Qingyao, Gu Ruoqing felt that she was about to go insane. After all, she had never been harassed by Gu Qingyao before. In the past, Gu Qingyao had always been especially obedient and was bullied by Gu Ruoqing.

    Over the next two days, Zhang Xiaohui left the house once. Gu Qingyao knew that she might have gone to visit Wang Guozhu.

    Gu Qingyao hurriedly packed her things and prepared to make a trip into town to create some opportunities for Zhang Xiaohui.

    "Father, I've packed some mushrooms and dried wild herbs. Let's go to town tomorrow and send them to Eldest Uncle, Second Uncle, Third Uncle, and their families! It's rare that I've managed to get so many things, so let's give your elder brothers a chance to taste them."

    In these times, resources were scarce. In the winter, vegetables usually consisted of carrots and cabbages. Whatever it was, as long as it was edible, everyone would consider it to be good food. So Gu Yunshen had no suspicions.

    Also, he assumed that Gu Qingyao wanted to send some food to his three elder brothers. After all, she had so much in her interspace.

    Gu Yunshen did not object.

    Zhang Xiaohui and Gu Ruoqing immediately said they wanted to go too.

    "Why should you go? Just stay at home and mind your own business!" Gu Yunshen refused. The last time, he had forbidden the two of them from going anywhere.

    But Gu Qingyao said, "Father, just let them go. These two just have no grasp of the broader picture. You might as well let them go to town and broaden their horizons. This will allow them to clearly grasp the distance between themselves and the town girls. Then they can come back and do an honest day's work."

    Gu Yunshen: …