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Chapter 68 - : Pretense

Rebirth: Divine Doctor, Sweet Wife
     Chapter 68: Pretense

    This was a small alley and few people lived in the area.

    In an era where there was a shortage of goods, the population was small. Many had died of starvation. When the famine was at its most severe, the population in a town might even have decreased by two-thirds.

    In the villages, some belonging to the poorer brigades had also died.

    Now it was the seventies and things were much better. But the population was still small.

    Gu Qingyao knew that Wang Guozhu had a small house here, where he brought grain to exchange on the black market.

    He worked in a textile factory. His wife, Zhou Hong, also worked. The two of them were relatively well-off, and sometimes, they even managed to get a little extra food.

    Gu Qingyao went over to the small house and glanced inside. Sure enough, Zhang Xiaohui and Gu Ruoqing were in there. She hurried back to the road to wait.

    Sure enough, Wang Guozhu appeared at midday.


    Gu Qingyao sneered. She placed what she had prepared earlier at a corner of the road.

    It was a small bundle, wrapped in ordinary cloth. Inside were an apple and three roasted chicken legs.

    The cloth parted slightly, so that part of the apple could be seen.

    Gu Qingyao hid in a corner and waited for Wang Guozhuo. She flicked a stone to create a noise. Wang Guozhu, who was acting furtively, was already on edge. The sudden noise startled him.

    He looked in the direction of the noise and saw the small cloth bundle.

    It was clear that someone had accidentally dropped it.

    The apple could clearly be seen.

    Wang Guozhu's eyes brightened. When he was sure there was no one around, he rushed over to open it, only to discover the three chicken legs.

    The chicken legs looked glossy and smelt heavenly. Wang Guozhu almost drooled when he saw them.

    Although he was not starving, there were no such treats in times like that! The chicken legs were just too tempting.

    He immediately ate one, then crunched into the apple without hesitation. In these times, fruits were a rare commodity and Wang Guozhu had never eaten an apple in his life.

    He finished the apple in a few mouthfuls. The taste was fantastic and he kept thinking about it.

    He looked at the remaining two chicken legs in his hand, but did not eat them. He simply thrust them into his shirt and hurried on.

    Gu Qingyao emerged from her hiding place. Her lips twitched as she left.

    She had added a little medicine to the food. In the next few months, this couple's desire would be greatly multiplied.

    In her previous life, Zhang Xiaohui and Wang Guozhu had often done things like that. Also, Zhang Xiaohui had certainly met Wang Guozhu when she visited the town two days ago. So Gu Qingyao had no qualms about spiking their food.

    All she could think of was how to get her father away from the Qing River Brigade. Because in her previous life, Zhang Xiaohui later became pregnant.

    If her father could only leave now and return a few months later, then Zhang Xiaohui would immediately divorce her father when she became pregnant. Otherwise, her affair would be exposed.

    In these times, relationships between men and women were governed by strict rules. Zhang Xiaohui's behavior was a major crime.

    The new year was two or three months away. Gu Qingyao raised her head and smiled.

    She probably could rid the family of Zhang Xiaohui before the new year.

    Then they would have a happy new year!

    Gu Qingyao left. She found a lonely spot and entered her living interspace. She took out the tattered clothes she had prepared earlier and put them on. Then she changed into a pair of baggy pants, switched her shoes, and put on a wig. After that, she wrapped herself up from head to toe so that no one could see her figure clearly.

    Lastly, she took out her make-up tools. She darkened her face and added wrinkles around her eyes. Only then did she emerge.

    She picked up her basket. She was going to the black market to barter for some items.