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Chapter 69 - Deal (1)

Rebirth: Divine Doctor, Sweet Wife
     Chapter 69: Deal (1)

    In these times, resources were scarce, private deals were forbidden, and it was difficult to move goods. The people living in the countryside grew their own food, but those in the city received government food rations. They needed cash and food coupons to purchase them.

    Many of them did not have enough to eat. In order to survive, they were forced to purchase expensive food on the black market.

    Food was especially valuable in these times.

    Gu Qingyao knew there were several black markets in town.

    She carried her basket to one of the black markets. This one was situated in an open space. Most crucially… it was easier to flee the area. She had an unblocked view and could see everything at a glance.

    Gu Qingyao carried her basket on her back, and entered the crowd, looking for a target.

    Most of the people were here to buy food, or why else would they be at the black market? The moment Gu Qingyao appeared with a basket on her back, people started to take notice.

    Her basket was heavy. They could tell at a glance that it contained something.


    Gu Qingyao looked around for a while and identified an old lady who was dressed a little better. Next to her stood a young man, who was probably her son.

    Gu Qingyao's eyes flickered and she slowly walked over. She lowered her voice and tried to sound elderly. "Elder sister, do you want some food?"

    The old lady grew excited. "Do you have fine grain?"

    Gu Qingyao said, "I do. I also have some meat and eggs."

    The eyes of the old lady and her son immediately lit up. "I want them, I want them. I'll take whatever you have. Sister, please don't sell them to anyone else. Let's go somewhere else. I'll take them all. My daughter-in-law is doing her confinement now and I urgently need these things."

    Gu Qingyao nodded. "Let's go to the alleys up ahead! They extend in all directions and there is no one there. You go ahead and I'll be there soon."

    The old lady immediately nodded. "Sure, sure, sure! Sister, please don't sell it to anyone else! I'll buy everything!"

    "Alright. Don't worry, Elder Sister!"

    Gu Qingyao was embarrassed to have the old lady call her sister, but she did not show it, and continued to call her ‘Elder Sister'.

    The two of them left. Gu Qingyao went round the black market and spotted a young man in his thirties. Gu Qingyao had seen him before in her previous life. He often appeared at the black market and was in the same business as Chen Jin.

    Gu Qingyao walked in front of him and asked softly, "Want some fine grain? Or some bacon?"

    The man did not recognize Gu Qingyao and was rather wary. But his eyes brightened when he heard her words.

    This was good stuff. What he needed most were rare items like fine grain and meat, especially since the year was drawing to a close.

    "I do. Let's find another place."

    Gu Qingyao followed him under a large tree. The man asked warmly, "Elder Sister, how much do you have?"

    Gu Qingyao looked around before replying, "I have ten kilograms of fine white flour, six kilograms of rice, a piece of bacon weighing about three kilograms, and also… twenty over eggs and a few apples. Do you want them?"

    The man became incredibly agitated. He had not imagined he would meet such a capable person!

    "Yes, yes, yes, I'll take them all!"

    Gu Qingyao said, "Then we'll follow the usual rule of using the price of fine grain for everything. That will be five dollars a kilogram. I want cash, not coupons."

    The man was delighted. It was great that she did not even want coupons.


    So Gu Qingyao handed her things over. The man had brought a small weighing scale with him. The eggs and apples weighed six kilograms, and together with the grain and bacon, the food added up to twenty-five kilograms. That made a total of one hundred and twenty-five dollars.

    Gu Qingyao took the money and handed him the items. The man gleefully put away the things and said smilingly to Gu Qingyao, "Elder Sister, do think of me if you have any good things in the future! I can often be found here."

    Gu Qingyao nodded, then turned to leave.