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Chapter 71 - Writing A Letter To Third Elder Brother

Rebirth: Divine Doctor, Sweet Wife
     Chapter 71: Writing A Letter To Third Elder Brother

    She went to another black market and only stopped after trading for an inkstone, a copybook, and over two hundred dollars in cash.

    It was about ten o'clock in the morning and it was still early.

    Gu Qingyao decided to make a trip to the city. After all, there would be even more fine items in the city's black markets.

    But first, she needed to buy a bicycle.

    And before that, she needed to post a letter.

    She had written a letter to her third elder brother, Gu Jinlin, who lived in the provincial capital. She asked him to find a way to get her father to make a trip to the provincial capital, returning only just before the new year.

    Her elder and second uncle all lived in other areas that were rather far away. Her third uncle's family lived nearest to them.

    Gu Qingyao knew that her third elder brother would definitely help her.


    All the grandchildren in their Gu family were boys, except her father, who had two daughters. Gu Ruoqing had been unlikeable from a young age, as she was lazy and rude, just like Zhang Xiaohui.

    In the past, she had been obedient and mature. She had quietly done her chores at home and helped the adults with their work. Also, her father had always doted on her, so later on, everyone in the family became used to doting on her too.

    After all, considering how she behaved in the past, everyone had thought of her as the most obedient and lovable girl.

    So everyone in the family doted on her, whether it was the grandparents, the uncles, or the elder cousins.

    This time, she had asked her third elder brother for help and he would certainly agree.

    She resumed her normal appearance and took her already-written letter to post, but ran into someone near the post office. This young man smiled and greeted Gu Qingyao when he saw her. "Little Sister Gu!"

    Gu Qingyao was startled. This man was in his twenties and his skin was rather swarthy, but looked pleasant and honest.

    She thought he looked familiar, but momentarily could not recall who he was.

    "Are you posting a letter?"

    Gu Qingyao smiled and said, "That's right! I have something to ask my third elder brother."

    Gu Qingyao could not recall the man's name, but remembered that he was a friend of one of her cousins, possibly Third Elder Brother.

    The man laughed. "What a coincidence. I'll send your letter for you! I'm on leave for a couple of days and not sending anything. I'm off to the provincial capital on some business and I'll pass your letter to your third elder brother."

    Now Gu Qingyao finally remembered that this man was indeed a friend of her third elder brother. In fact, they were classmates!

    Although she could not recall his name, Gu Qingyao knew who he was. He worked in the provincial capital's post office and was responsible for delivering parcels. Actually, he was a postman.

    In these times, a postman was a decent job with a stable income.

    Gu Qingyao immediately smiled. "Thank you!"

    Gu Qingyao handed him the letter. It would be faster to send it with him than sending it by post.

    The man laughed good-naturedly. "You're welcome. I'll be back in a few days. If your third elder brother writes a reply, I can bring it to you."

    That was great.

    Gu Qingyao smiled and thanked him. After he left, Gu Qingyao changed her appearance again and went to buy a bicycle.

    In these times, a bicycle was a big purchase. Gu Qingyao had enough money on hand, but needed a bicycle coupon to buy a new bicycle. Actually, Gu Qingyao had two coupons.

    Mo Beihan had given her one of them, and her eldest brother, Gu Jinye, had given her the other. Both of them wanted to buy her a bicycle, but she did not want one.

    She was only a teenage country girl. She did not have a job and had not yet grown up. If she had a bicycle, others would be jealous, especially the children of landlord families.

    This time, Gu Qingyao did not buy a new one. Instead, she found a second-hand bicycle.

    Gu Qingyao settled on a partly new ladies' bicycle. A second-hand bicycle cost sixty dollars and did not require coupons.

    Gu Qingyao bought the bicycle and rode it towards the city.