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Chapter 367

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 367: Cha Cha Wants His Life

    They were essentially normal talent contestants. The group members would only make their appearance in the later stages. The production crew would not force them to maintain intimate interaction with the audience.

    However, it was untenable for her to not interact completely. The production crew thus urged Su Cha to post a selfie on Weibo.

    In this simple selfie, she merely looked at the camera. Her eyes were clear like a spring hit by a bright light. Her eyes alone seemed to be able to speak.

    As they looked at the camera, it was as if those eyes could take away one's soul.

    She did not make it that way on purpose. She just added a filter and sent the photo out.

    Su Cha Official: "Everyone, good afternoon! [Picture]"

    "This photo was taken casually by the production crew after she had lunch at noon. Even though her skills were not good, she took a selfie on her phone. However, because she had a willful look, she looked good no matter what."

    "Oh my god, my sweetheart is so good-looking!"

    "Su Cha, you're so beautiful!"

    "—Crazily fighting for others, singing like an elf, why are you so one-of-a-kind?"

    "—She's the provincial champion, a super genius. Her singing is awesome and she's so pretty. Was it God who sent her to anger us commoners?"

    "She's like a veteran officer on a routine mission…"


    While Su Cha was taking pictures, she was also in front of a mirror.

    If she took a photo and posted it on Weibo, Bo Muyi would definitely know about it. To prevent him from blowing up, Su Cha deliberately took a dynamic video.

    She was originally dressed casually, but now, she was wearing a wide T-shirt with a pair of shorts on the lower half. She had a pair of long and beautiful legs, and they were shockingly straight.

    Sometimes, couples had to have some fun. Su Cha was not a rigid person. She deliberately pulled her wide T-shirt aside and winked at the camera.

    She did not give off any seductive look. Her smile was clean and clear, making people feel better. However, with her movements, she gave off an indescribable attractive feeling.

    Su Cha sent the short video to Bo Muyi.


    Bo Muyi was working alone in the office. When he saw the message on his phone, he opened it without hesitation.

    In the end, when he opened it, a dynamic video started loading. The moment it was opened after the video was uploaded, it started moving.

    The girl in front of the camera had an exquisite face. Her long hair was simply draped behind her back, and her shoulders were exposed. She looked like a kitten that was tormenting people. When she blinked at the camera, Bo Muyi's breath tightened.

    He felt that this video could take his life.

    All he could think about was the image that was repeatedly winking.

    It was as if a magic door had been opened. The man was deep in it and felt his mouth go dry. He pulled at his collar and his handsome face tightened.

    His Cha Cha was really being naughty now that he was not in the country.

    If she didn't send him such a video to kill him, what was it for?

    Bo Muyi suddenly felt lucky that he did not hand his phone to Bai Kun today. Otherwise, if other people saw Su Cha's coquettish manner, Bo Muyi would probably have the urge to stab them to death.

    From today onwards, he could not hand over his phone to anyone else.