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Chapter 1077 - Waiting for the Right Chance

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 1077: Waiting for the Right Chance

    Liu Yanhua was in the midst of arranging Wen Xinya’s clothes and accessories, most of which were given to her by Si Yiyan. Some were also sent to her by Jo-ramst, one of the luxury brands under the Wen Corporation. She had opted for their subscription service. Professional image consultants in Jo-ramst’s stores who would deliver the latest products to the Wen Family home every month.

    Wen Xinya had a dauntingly huge amount of clothes.

    Liu Yanhua set up an online clothing auction for Wen Xinya.

    They would auction off the clothing, accessories, bags, and shoes that Wen Xinya rarely used. Due to the fact that Wen Xinya was the cover star for one of Poise Magazine’s issues, everyone paid attention to the auction which went viral. Most of the profits from the auction went to Zhishan Club, while the rest went to the social worker organization that Wen Xinya was preparing.

    Liu Yanhua said softly, “Ning Shuqian settled the administrative procedures for her discharge this morning. Wen Haowen has arranged for her to stay in an apartment in the Southern District.”

    Ever since Liu Yanhua accompanied Wen Xinya to the nursing home to visit Ning Shuqian at the nursing home, she discovered the strong feud between Ning Shuqian and Wen Xinya. The fact that Wen Xinya had allowed her to handle the investigations with Celestial Detective Agency meant that Wen Xinya trusted her.

    Wen Xinya tightened her grip on the cup in her hand which made her tender fingers look like jade. “We really can’t underestimate this woman.”

    She knew better than anyone else how much Wen Haowen despised Ning Shuqian’s mental illness. Hence, she did not expect that Ning Shuqian would be able to convince Wen Haowen to let her get discharged so soon.

    Liu Yanhua continued, “I didn’t find out any clues related to the person behind Ning Shuqian. Those people are way too secretive.”

    She found Ning Shuqian’s nursing home to be rather suspicious. Hence, she had been secretly investigating on it. Although Wen Xinya failed to find out anything, Liu Yanhua initially felt that it was because Wen Xinya did not have connections to the underworld. Hence, no matter how hard, Wen Xinya tried, she would not be able to get any substantial insider information. However, Liu Yanhua found out later that it was not because of Wen Xinya’s lack of connections, but rather, it was because the mastermind was way too mysterious and hence, there was no way to find out anything about them at all. Although there were some clues that made it seem like it would be simple to find out their identity, there would be a sudden loss of leads whenever she was at a crucial juncture. Hence, she was rather astonished.

    Wen Xinya said calmly, “I’ve already expected this long ago. If it were really that easy to find out their identity, the Wen Family wouldn’t be plotted against.” She continued, “However, I’m not the kind to sit back and do nothing either.”

    She coincidentally shared the same thoughts as Si Yiyan, who also felt that the entertainment city was a rare opportunity for them.

    Well aware of that, Liu Yanhua asked, “Missy, do you have any idea how to deal with it?”

    Regardless of what happened, Wen Xinya would often manage to solve it perfectly. Hence, she did not doubt Wen Xinya’s abilities at all.

    Wen Xinya sneered. “The entertainment city is a conspiracy against the Wen Family without a doubt. Otherwise, Ning Shuqian wouldn’t have been plotting against us so meticulously. Those people think that they’ve already planned everything perfectly. Yet, I foiled all their plans by initiating the idea of setting up a sister company in order for the project to be handled independently. I’ve been waiting to launch a fatal attack.”

    Liu Yanhua asked softly, “What are you waiting for?”

    Ning Shuqian’s plan had caused Wen Xinya to lose dominance and even Ning Shuqian thought that Wen Xinya wouldn’t be able to handle it. Yet, Wen Xinya managed to keep everything in control and gain the upper hand. It was indeed very awe-inspiring.

    Wen Xinya smirked and answered confidently, “For Ning Shuqian to make the next move.”

    She had guessed right from the start that the mastermind had a huge and hidden agenda for meticulously planning the entertainment city project. Hence, he definitely wouldn’t let go of the project easily, which was also why Wen Xinya planned to sabotage the project and wait for them to make their next move.

    The more moves the mastermind made, the more likely that their identity would be exposed. Hence, Wen Xinya’s plan was to force him into letting the cat out of the bag and crawl out of his hole.

    Liu Yanhua said, “Ning Shuqian’s next move is to get herself discharged.”

    Shaking her head, Wen Xinya said, “Not exactly.”

    Liu Yanhua was a little muddled up.

    Wen Xinya explained, “Ning Shuqian wants to push for the entertainment city project to be completed as soon as possible, but it’s inconvenient for her to do so if she were to keep being a mental patient in the nursing home. Hence, she felt the need to get discharged. However, I’m sure her next move isn’t as simple as this.”

    The real battle began only after Ning Shuqian’s discharge.

    She believed that Ning Shuqian would continue to pull a few more moves after she got discharged.

    She was not afraid of Ning Shuqian’s tricks at all.

    Having understood what she meant, Liu Yanhua nodded and said, “I’ll just deal with whatever trick she pulls and force her to show her true colors.”

    Wen Xinya nodded smilingly and said, “Keep a close eye on Ning Shuqian from now on.”

    The good show was about to begin soon. She felt that Ning Shuqian was a good pawn that she could use in order to gain dominance and control.

    Liu Yanhua asked, “What about Wen Haowen?”

    The mention of Wen Haowen’s name made Liu Yanhua feel rather revolted as she asked about him in a tone of disdain. She knew that the upper-class society often valued money and privileges over blood ties, unlike normal families where a man would work hard and prioritize his wife and children. Wealthy people often neglected kinship for benefits, what more… the prestigious and wealthy Wen Family.

    Besides, Wen Xinya had never lived with Wen Haowen when she was a child and hence, the two of them did not share a close relationship at all. Not to mention, Wen Haowen was ashamed of her unhappy past and the fact that Mo Yunyao had died because of him, caused a strain on their relationship.

    However, even then, Wen Haowen’s greed and heartlessness were terrifying.

    Wen Xinya sneered. “We don’t have to care about him. In the past, I used to be wary of Wen Haowen because he was still the CEO who ran the Wen Corporation for several years and owns 15% of the Wen Corporation’s shares. However, he’s just a pawn in the entertainment city project. Even if he owns 20% of the Wen Corporation’s shares now, he’s still insignificant. Nothing much will go wrong with Secretary Cao around.”

    The mention of Wen Haowen made Wen Xinya feel utterly disgusted.

    Wen Haowen was irascible, temperamental, fickle and terrifyingly greedy. If it weren’t because of Old Mr. Wen, she wouldn’t have been so pretentious with him. She just did not want to put herself at a disadvantage.

    Liu Yanhua nodded and said, “Got it.”